I'm a brave girl I am - project me day 261

20 September 2010

I'm thinking Greggie did such a sterling job of blogging for me this morning that he'll be doing a few more over the next few days.

Here's the update ... tomorrow I go for my first MRI ever and thank heaven's for the number of House MD episodes I've watched, I'm as prepared as I'll ever be. Then on the next day (I'm so groggy that I don't even know what day it) I go in to theatre and have a needle shoved into my spine under?anesthetic.
The doctor started off as a jerk but then?admitted?that he was having a crap day and his ounce of compassion kicked in and he ended up being kind and all that jazz.

It blows that the MRI isn't covered by medical aid so now I'm must fucked off at medical aid schemes and their theories on what they pay for and not.

It all started when I was young and had?Sherman's?as a teenager and for some reasons its continued to damaged the base of my spine ... go figure! Greggie says the medical term in disk prolapse!!!! Wateva ... it hurts like hell and I'm as miserable as all crap!

Bless my mother, brother and Greggie for literally being my pillars of strength and holding me up ... this is so unexpected I don't know what to do with it on an emotional or physical level.

I guess 'project me' is about being true and conscious so right now I'm scared, tired, fucked off and have to cancel my birthday go into theater, not know when I can write again. I don't know if I can be at sexpo and when I can do another article for newstime and I feel angry and frustrated and trying to figure out why the hell this is all happening now???

If you are one of my loyal readers and followers I would like to humbly thank you for seeing me through this whether you realise how much you are doing or not. "Project me" is one thing but knowing that there is at least one person waiting to read my blog has kept me going every step of the way and will continue to do so. Thank you for being the reason I have that extra fight in me because right now I don't know how I'm getting through.

Somewhere there's a smile but I'm still so blessed to have my body and my health and a million reasons to turn this into something so very positive!!!

Did you ever think things like this would be part of a simple girl's life and her daily blog?

13 comments on “I'm a brave girl I am - project me day 261”

  1. Just gotta tell you that I was in the shape shape as you a few years back. They did surgery and I was up and about in about a week. Haven't had much problem since!

  2. Love you my Jo!! You've done your best and I for one am very proud of you. There's a lesson in all of this so look for the lesson....and remember that you are very loved!

  3. Jo, I love you girl and I hope all this goes by fast so you can be back to your self and out of pain. You have every right to be afraid, but just remember you'll come out stronger afterwards! MWUAH'S!!
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    1. I miss you so much my friend and I miss reading your blog. Let me know that you are doing good and kiddies are better and tell Bo to find me a hubby like him and post him to me ... I am now realising when it's so important to have a strong and unconditionally loving man around 😉

  4. Wow!! That's crazy... but, at least they've identified the problem, should find the problem... and hopefully fix the problem!

    Somehow I get the feeling that the pain or discomfort that you may suffer over this may be pale in comparison to what you've been through so the light is already starting to peek through.

    Besides... this could be the start of a whole new blog! 😉

    Hang in there, be safe!
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    1. Oh Robbie you are just trying to make sure that I'm blogging ... promise I will be blogging as long as u will be loving Britney 😉

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