I'm in love - Day 72

12 March 2010

Most people's new year's resolutions are long forgotten and packed away with the Christmas decorations and mismatched gifts. I, on the other hand, very consciously made a resolution that I could neither shove into the distant memory or shy away from.
I committed to blogging ... and that's only a smidgen of the tough part. I also committed to consciousness, happiness, fun and me ... every single day!
They say that patterns and habits are formed over a certain amount of repetitive actions and I am beginning to see the positive habits beginning to form.

The best part is that I'm battling to blog about it because I have my precious 4 year old (twin) nephews climbing all over me like I'm a jungle gym and showing me how the mouse, cursor and keyboard of my laptop should be used. It's a bit manic ... but truly a precious moment and so worth the distraction.
I'm even more excited that I was able to show them a few snippets of the children's website and they are loving it ... woo hoo! We haven't done any Alpha or Beta testing yet and only a whole bunch of adults are currently ooing and aahing at the site, so it's been so refreshing to have this moment. They even gave me a good idea ... Fan-freakin'-tastic!

So, between little fingers pressing buttons ... here's an audit of my thoughts on 'project me' and my year so far. It's been on my mind all day and was sparked by a conversation with a guy that met through facebook. We differ about our opinion of regret, basically because I don't have any.

Even though it's 72 days in and I'm not settled into gym, eating properly and all my projects and ventures are running behind. Oh, and Mr Big fell off the planet after a whole lot of promise and dating hasn't been nearly as fun as I thought it would be (not forgetting that I'm making it fun ... mostly by giggling my way through the madness of the world). I've had the family incidents and having to adjust to blogging around the realities of everyday drama and I'm not going to be able to find my own little house for a while still. ... I still have no regrets.

(Interjection ... my nephew has managed to make a picture of mine a screensaver ... which I don't even know how to do. It's merely from bashing at keys like a?lunatic ... which shows that very little knowing is needed to create much!)

Regrets ... right ...
I'm really blogging in chaos ... which I am actually chilled about and that is a huge change in my personality. When I started this project, I used to sit down in a quiet room and have to blog in order and as if I were on a mission ... it's a small change, but that's what's so cool about being conscious every single day.

I'm in love with small changes! I'm also in love with Country music and proud of it! I'm in love with not working so hard and still knowing I will create all my dreams. I'm in love with living upside down and watching my mother pour an entire bottle of vanilla essence into a cup in the middle of the night (lights on mom ... it would help). I'm in love with not being able to answer my friends and family when they ask me about my business because I'm not so in love with deadlines and obsessive planning anymore. I'm in love with my choices and with the way I have lived every minute of the 72 days so far ...

I'm in love with the fact that I'm done blogging and working because it's Friday night and I don't want to see my computer at all. I'm in love ... I'm in love ... I'm in love with me!

9 comments on “I'm in love - Day 72”

  1. .Thank you so much Anthony ...
    I am even more in love with blogging and my project after such a simply special comment like this.

    You know that I always say that all we need is one person to believe in us ... I'm feeling luckier by the moment with all the love and support that if fueling my journey!

    I hope this year is treating you with just as much love ...

  2. Country music... say it isn't so! 😉

    I love the choices you've made so far, mostly because they are yours! Keep on, well... keeping on.


  3. Hey Robbie ... thanks you for the encouragement too! Sometimes I look and I go 'wow, 72 days in" ... other days I feel like the next 290-odd are the hugest mountain to climb.

    Either way I know that it's all about choosing to have fun every step of the way 😀

  4. Hey Heidi
    Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog.
    Stick around ... there are days when I need the encouraging ... but one think I can say is that I have mastered the gift of keeping it positive ... so thanks for noticing!

    Take care of you 😉

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