I'm still here - project me day 257

16 September 2010

When I started 'project me' I never would have thought that life would throw things at me that would force extreme changes. I haven't written in days and feels as though Greggie is flying Lifeology solo. I'm turning 37 in 8 days and think I might have to cancel my party arrangements. It will be 2 years on Saturday that my dad has been gone ... and I've never been more thrilled to have started 'project me' than this very moment.

The moment when I can't type more than this. When I can't move more than to the bathroom to pee. When I am emotionally, mentally and physically exhausted yet I can say that I'm right on track.

What's 'project me' about again? ... Courage, consciousness and a sense of humour!!! Fun, truth and me!
Anything makes me cry and I'm watching who sends me wishes and who hasn't called. I cry if they call and I cry if the don't and then I stop and I one clear reality .... I'm still here!

I can laugh, I can cry, I am planning happy and sad things and most importantly I can pee! That's the instructions from the doc that if I can't pee then it's off to hospital for me and at this very moment I can still pee ... so I'm very much still here and perfectly on track with 'project me'!

Do I hear a 'woo hoo'?

8 comments on “I'm still here - project me day 257”

  1. Gives a whole new perspective on taking the piss. 😀

    Gotta love this from Treasure Planet:
    "And I want a moment to be real
    Want to touch things I don't feel
    Want to hold on and feel I belong
    And how can the world want me to change
    They're the ones they stay the same
    They can't see me
    But I'm still here"

    I love my animated movies, but so very true.

    Some how this just seems to sum up Project Me... to me 😀
    My recent post An Embracing Space Part II

  2. Oy Jo I really hope that you get better soon... and I dont want to hear any talk of no party! Even if you are in traction there will be a party!

    You have achieved so much this year and we have to celebrate the wonderful person you are and all the good things that have come your way through the work you do!


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