In as few words as possible - project me day 354

20 December 2010

It would be dramatic had my mother and Greggie not spent the evening laughing at me. Yes, I've spent the night sneezing, coughing and oh, what do you know ... sneezing!

I swore I wouldn't blog, but I've just caught up days and I'd much rather lie int tomorrow morning before my brunch date with the mysterious older man. Yay, for a change I'm going on a date with an older man ... ten years older. Actually I didn't think it was such a big deal until I told The Jock and he had a great chuckle at my expense. I don't think he's going to put down the fling with with the 24 year for a while.

Ok, so my day in as few words as possible. Dismal!

Yep, I had one of the lowest days I have had in nearly the entire 'project me' year. It's all because of money. It's withering away and issues of charging according to my value and worth is coming up.

I'm thrilled to announced that I kicked ass in 'project me'ing my day! I still went to breakfast with The Jock and didn't play into my crisis. Instead I let the fun and chilled time that we have help me put down a few of my issues. It worked. He manages to get the laugh, the truth and the smile out of me!

We had an amazing lunch meeting with such an inspirational woman who used to work with Greggie. Besides the fact that she's a fabulous Libran like me, she reminded me that I'm not alone in the world by sticking to my morals in what I want from love, my career and my life. Yes, the standards are high ... but I'm worth them ... dammit!

Greggie and I survived a business spat ... he won with logic and reason of course.
We shopped for ages and my back held out.
We stood in a queue for longer and my back held out.

Half a box of tissues and a nose brighter than Rudolph, I'm off to bed having turned a day almost around! That's good enough for a girl who woke up searching for the exit sign before the day had even begun.

Ok, there are seriously 5 days to go and because of the mood today I had to do a tragic Christmas song so here's Faith Hill and her desperate search for Christmas.

12 comments on “In as few words as possible - project me day 354”

  1. hmmm... Money, can't take it with you and really can't buy the things that I'd like. Granted, it can make things a lot easier.

    Ah... Greg, the voice of reason... Funny that 😉

    Well, the back seems to be recovering, but keep taking it easy.

    Just 4 more sleeps... I'll see your Faith Hill and raise you the entire Trans-Siberian Orchestra:

    But hey... I'm just sayin' 😀
    My recent post Let It Snow

    1. You see, I do want a great relationship with money. I also want to spend a lot of it before it's grave time 😉 I believe we can have it in abundance and don't want to be like the spirituaaal chicks sitting on the mountain being all Zen! But we know that about me 😉

      Yes, Trans-Siberian Orchestra so gets a thumbs up, I can't be denying that! Just 4 more sleeps Robbie!

  2. Gosh.. Looks like we're all in the same boat when it comes to charging our worth. Every time I have a client asking about prices of my photo shoots, I merely hear an 'um' and I slash the price down. Then I sit with a MASSIVE amount of editing and kick myself right through the processing stage and what a charged...
    THEN, when the final delivery come and I view all the final pics, I kick myself again!!!


    1. Well that's changing as of this moment Irvie. We had such an inspiring lunch yesterday and I realised that it's time to toughen up. Maybe that is why I'm having a sneezy, coughy, plattering day today ... lol!

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