Indian Shabbos at Thava - project me day 327

27 November 2010

You never quite know what's going to happen when you throw a totally different kinds of friends together. Some started as Greg's and others began as mine. Yes, that bit of info does have a very important point to 'project me'.

I come from a background of 'clicky' crowds and don't like to ever find myself in that situation, let alone come across as a member of that kind of group, so throwing a bunch of strangers together was a touch apprehensive for me.

Of course, for the occasion I would need to go to a place that I'm most comfortable at and there is no greater place than Thava Indian restaurant. You know where there is that place that you never have to worry about?inadequate?service or less than perfect food? That's Thava for me. I haven't been there since my back gave in on me so I couldn't wait to indulge ... I also couldn't wait to see each one of my friends.

What happens when you throw a couple of queens, a gypsy, a certain Hustler Girl and a Giggling Gertie at a table booked for 12 ... all on a Friday night were a certain someone (me) is supposed to be at Shabbos? You get one of the greatest nights I have ever spent with friend.

'Project me' is about fun and over the last few months I've had my moments of battling to bring that fun to my life just by positive thoughts and keeping it conscious. Last night was just the medicine I needed and each friend that bonded with the next was the magical pill.

Some friends like Hustler Girl have been in my life for year and others like Gypsy have only just arrived courtesy of Greggie. I could feel that the whole table felt as though we had been friends forever. I just love the power of social networking and everyone was finally putting faces to Twitter names and Facebook photographs and Hustler Girl was recognised at yet another great sponsor of mine - Hustler Extreme.

Ivan always treats me and my friends like gold when we are at Thava and he had a tough crowd to contend with. After having to repeat the menu through cheeky?chirps and outrageous giggles, he repeated everyone's starters order without having to write them down. I had my eye on Twinkletoes who was waiting for Ivan to slip up, which I knew he would never do.

If you take a close look at the pic you will see that way down on the floor ... there lies Hustler Girl. Firstly, the chaos just to gather around the?Christmas?tree and then to organise us all for a family photo, well no wonder she ended up on the floor.

I haven't laughed like that in ages. I haven't felt so relaxed and content in months. I haven't been so happy to be out since I don't know when. I haven't been prouder to be loopy and surrounded by equally loopy people ... and I think through all the noise and shocking Christmas Carol singing, I managed to maintain my sponsorship from Thava.

The best food, the most amazing company and the confirmation that no matter whether they belonged to Greggie or to me, all the lines have merged and I am totally blessed to have the people I call friends.

Hold you breath because there's one more social gathering to go! Next Sunday shall be Shabbos Slunch ... don't ask how it got it's name, some are too loopy and others were to drunk to ever remember!

Thank you Thava for once again serving up the best Indian Food in town and for hosting the best friends in the world!

11 comments on “Indian Shabbos at Thava - project me day 327”

  1. We had the best night ever ever ever and can't wait to get the loopy bunch back together again!

    This time when we have a picture I will not be on the floo, wtf was with that?

    It was awesome to meet everyone and the food was out of this world.

    Good shabbas, merry christmas and happy anniversary!

    1. It was so amazing to see everyone get on as though we have all been friends for years. I don't organise much socially and it totally inspired me to do more things with my beautiful friends 😉

      ... and a happy new year 😉

    1. Can't wait for you to join us one of these fine days my friend. You will fit right in being equally loopy and all ... we will save some wine for you!

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