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1 December 2014
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December's here! It's hard to get my head around the one month we have left of a year that has been amazing to me on so many levels. At the end of last year, I did a visualisation at the end of last year and have been blown away but all that has come to fruition this year. Of course, it seems that I'm still manifesting more in the work world than my personal capacity, but at least I have truly started to have faith in my ability to bring to life what I dream of.

This realisation couldn't come at a better time, because I'm learning an interesting lesson that comes with success.
A few days ago we did those workplace personality tests and my results came out very touchy, feely but it really has worked with my clients. We are ending the year with a longer contract with some and new opportunities with other, so this means more work on the social media, Chat Factory side ... which is more than a dream come true. Wow, our own online agency!!

I was just interviewed for an online business site (I'll share it as soon as it's live) and one of the questions was, how is Project Me integrated into Chat Factory. The irony is that Chat Factory is the result of believing in myself, focusing on my dreams and making things happen ... which is Project Me.

I have a dream ...
It's taken me ages to work to a formula of consciousness, that is Project Me and as I have manifested more of what I want, I have had a greater vision of sharing Project Me with the world, through an online course, a book, talks, seminars and workshops. I imagine myself waking up, every day, and touching base with my Chat Factory team before having to dash off and do a Project Me talk or checking on the social media needs of a client but staying online to then see what questions have been asked of me in the Project Me online forum. In my head and my dreams, the two are perfectly integrated.

In reality ... not so much!!

I have tried, in so many ways besides turning myself back to the workaholic, to find the balance between my time for Chat Factory and developing the material for Project Me. Resentment free, Chat Factory is consuming all of my time. I even find it tough to make time for a blog post. I'm not sure that it will be resentment free forever, though.
When we sat down and chatted about our personality traits, I did have the support for Project Me, but I also got a very clear message that, if I truly focus on Chat Factory and build a strong team and systems, then I have more time. Of all the messages thought, the strongest one was about integration.

Now that's an interesting concept for 2015!
I'm a passionate Libra, so it's usually about full commitment and dedication to something, which isn't working for me right now. I know my fears ... they are all about dropping a ball or letting someone down, but at the moment I'm letting me down.
Who would have thought that I would have so much passion on plate that I wouldn't know what to get to first. There is nothing that I don't love, but much that I need to bring to life, so 2015 has presented it's challenge to me.

It's starting with me working right through December, as we take on new work and monitor client's accounts while they go away and entrust us with the online presence. That's an interesting time to practice some integration, because I do plan to hold a glass of bubbles, sitting by the pool, while working and daydreaming at the same time.

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