Irvin Sammons Photographie - project me day 317

16 November 2010

I am sure you are as sick of hearing about my sore back as I am talking about it, but the truth is that it's real, it's sore and it's here!

I'm still adjusting to the fact that as I do more my body has a moment of exhaustion and pain, but it's still more done and a little stronger. Today was a very big day with a whole lot of obstacles tackled.

I walked on the beach ... exhausting!
I splashed around a little in the waves, played with the dogs, whipped up lunch and showered. Of course I've gotten clean in the past few months, but I have been bathing so I don't have to stand for too long, so showering was freaking exhausting. I contemplated calling Greggie to help me shave, but I do have that fantasy with someone other than my gay best friend ... no, I don't have that fantasy person in mind.

By the time we went grocery shopping my body was in a state of shock and the experience was far from fun. I tried with all my might to make it fun but after Greggie and Irvin dropped me off at home and went out for their well deserved drink I burst out crying.
My back is stopping me from doing so many fun things ... so I lay on the couch and thought of the beautiful moments of my day. Thankfully my dear friend, Irvin Sammons captured some very special ones on his?extremely?fancy camera. You will note that there are no pics of me and that has a very simple explanation ... I had no make up on and this ridiculously focused lens got every bump, blotch and wrinkle. As grateful as I am for my Regim A products, there are some things that the world should just not be exposed to 😉

I love dragonflies and sneakily challenge Irvie to try snap one. Wow ... he did it ... perfectly!

World, meet Enzo! This little boy is so precious that he's totally stolen my heart and if my back could take the weight I would actually let him sit on my lap ... which he is totally holding out for!

After a slight turn up of the nose by both Greggie and Irvie, they finally fell for the temptation of one of my most favourite things ... frozen grapes! We now have 3 punnets of grapes in the deep freeze!

I watched Irvin sit and snap pics at Greg's head for ages. Little did I know that he was creating such a masterpiece! Wow, Irvie!

Jessie is the perfect lady and we had such a special time watching her bark at the waves and then splash in the pool.

I might have been exhausted, but besides my passion for writing, I love to cook. It heals me and tonight was no exception! Thank you to my 2 special friends for helping me cook!

Now to kick some ass in monopoly and update you tomorrow!

11 comments on “Irvin Sammons Photographie - project me day 317”

  1. Thank you Jo for the most incredible blog... Got goosies reading about me and seeing my pics on your blog. So so special of you!
    Much love and HUGE kisses.

    1. I'm blown away by your passion for photography ... it comes shining through and I'm so blessed to share it with you!

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