Is it me or is my blog pink? - project me day 478

23 April 2011

I know I have flu and it's clouding my brain but I'm sure I'm seeing doggies with buckets on their head and weird pink borders around my blog. I have moments of complete fuzziness and at those times when I look at the screen I see a pink border and other times I stare at the screen and I see nothing. Granted, I did the blog changes when I was already feeling sick but I did see my web designer and sponsor, Bruce Young make the changes that did not include pink borders ... ?I think.

So, is it there ... is there pink?

PS ... tomorrow's Easter so I hope the bright pink fuzzy easter bunny visits you and hides loads of chocolates for you to find.

PPS ... how freaking cute is the doggie with his bucket on his head. Tale still wagging and not bothered about a thing ... now that's the way to be, even with a very obvious bucket on your head 😉

8 comments on “Is it me or is my blog pink? - project me day 478”

  1. it does look slightly
    But it still looks great! 🙂
    Have a happy Easter my friend!

    Easter video is a coming....on my blog for later...

    1. Yep, my eyes aren't deceiving me ... I see pink too 😉
      Happy Easter to you too and I can't wait to see the vid 😉

  2. I'm sending you lots of health and love! If it makes you feel better, I see pink, as well. It is probably breaking Easter morning for you as I write this. I wish you a very happy Easter!
    My recent post Sliding Doors- Revisited

    1. Yes, 10 points for the bouncy, happy dog ... but that is how life goes isn't it ... we miss the simplest of lessons that are standing right in front of us and wagging their tail. 😉

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