Is it time for a hairstyle? - project me day 232

21 August 2010

There is no recovering from a broken heart, no regrets that need a distraction and nothing going on that women usually feel can be fixed with a new hairstyle.

Alright, it might be that I watched the all chick, all inspiring movie called The Women and maybe, just maybe I'm slightly frustrated that I can't go to gym, can't get my eating under control and can't be bothered to sort it out while my back hurts.

Fine ... I admit it, it's time for a revamp and as we know, ever woman starts with her hair.
Well ... besides losing my length to match Meg, because we know how every inch matters, ... do you think it's time for a bit of a style after years of one length, plain Jane, curly girl hair?

For a gentle reminder ... here's what it's looking like now ... not forgetting that the happy hairdresser cut it a little too short for my liking and its just above boob length now!

Well, is it 'project me' overhaul?

2 comments on “Is it time for a hairstyle? - project me day 232”

  1. Well... if Cosmo says it, it must be true. A bad hair day is just a bad day... and a good new do helps with a new you. :p Okay, that's badly rephrased, but the idea is the same.

    I'm a massive fan of long hair, so I'd say keep it longer. I've always thought that Sheryl Crow has the most gorgeous hair ever, So rather try to give it a bit of a style rather than a chop... once it's off it's gone...

    Then again, I've done it a few times (I once had over a meter cut off in a single go - believe it or not!) and never regretted it either. Mostly at those points in life where I desperately needed change. If that's what you're going for... then go drastic, I promise you you won't regret it. 😀

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    1. I didn't know how very long your hair is until recently ... no matter what I do I don't think I'll be beating that length 😉

      Because we know that every inch counts you don't have to worry about losing any length on this girl ... appointment is booked for Monday ... woo hoo!!

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