Is it time to hang up the blogging hat? - project me day 804

15 March 2012

I guess that this is no different to a relationship.

When it all begins it's magical and there seems that an end would never be in the equation. Then one of you starts to grow and tries to get the other to catch up, but the growing paths seem to drift further apart, until someone has to ask some serious questions.

It's not the relationship is doomed. It's that if something doesn't change it's going to be doomed. You see, when I started blogging my story of 'project me', I had so much to learn about myself. Of course the learning hasn't stopped and it never will, but 'project me' is in my every breath. Living with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour has blossomed into truly living it each day and that is all thanks to this incredible platform of blogging.

I could feel it when I had less to say on the weekends. When I started focusing on the lack of comments and retweets from people even though I know there are avid readers out there. I blamed the work load and just didn't have the energy at the end of the day. Amazingly, I haven't missed one day, which does speak of my bond with my blog.

The realisation truly is that I feel like a stuck record. I've gone from single to engaged, from eating issues to a healthy lifestyle, from being lost in a career to walking a very clear path ... all thanks to living each day absolutely goalless but totally purposeful.
What's been hitting me with reality most of all is that the people I'm meeting lately don't even know I blog. It truly was what got me recognised and what sparked my place in the social media world, but it's almost like my blog is telling me that it's not serving the same purpose.

Incredibly ... I also know that my 'project me' journey isn't done with the world yet, but like that relationship, if something doesn't change then resentment is going to kick.

So I'm now dealing with a big 'project me' issues ... the issue of blogging 'project me'. Let's not forget that it now has a regular radio slot every Sunday morning, so there's no quitting just yet.

But what now? What does tomorrow hold? How do I fix a relationship that I love so much, but that's not serving me to the fullest?


10 comments on “Is it time to hang up the blogging hat? - project me day 804”

  1. Im sorry to read that yolu are struggling with a decision so close to your heart honey...i may not comment often but in my mind i travel with you on your journey & the inspiration to those you do reach

    1. Thank you so much Fi ... this means the world to me. Funny enough, since I did the post I've realised the value that it has to both myself and others, so I'm just trying to freshen it up a little ... You have been an incredible support. I just can't express that enough.

  2. Jodene,

    I saw your headline on FB and immediately said, "Noooooo!" but I respect what you are saying. Maybe you don't need to quit the blog but allow it evolve. I think that there is definitely a place for the growing, happy you. I'll stick with you wherever and however you go. And if you need a break, take a break. It shouldn't be a burden. But I do hope you come back. Even here in the US, I look forward to your posts. Hugs from Austin!

    1. Hi my far away friend. Your message has meant to much to me and I feel so bad that my whole blogging energy has slipped and I don't feel as supportive of my blogging family as I used to. I also always have an eye on your blog posts and your message has helped me realise that it's less about the outside world and more about me. I'm just trying to figure out what to do with all the feelings ... but interestingly enough, still haven't missed a day of blogging. So much love to you Star!

  3. Jo, wow an amazing 804.. Seems like just yesterday when you started... What an amazing journey.... In my heart i want you carry on and on, well at the very least to1000... Missed the 500, and still pretty bummed. However, logically it fits that as your journey continues aspects of your life change, and this might be just one of those...Know that whatever you decide to do, it is the right thing to do... As long you keep me updated... Love ya stax... Mwah!

    1. Aah Ed, you have been supportive of Project me every step of the way and for that I am so very grateful. This message means so much to me and has given me the permission to pause and reflect on all the this blog is giving me. Funny ... I still haven't missed a day! *hugs* my very dear friend!

  4. Jodene, I know you have it in you to make the right decision. You are a self-empowered, motivated, daring individual - you just need to trust yourself to make the right decision which only you can make. This blog is indeed an asset so you need to evaluate it as a business that takes up your valuable hours each day - analyze what is working and what isn't and laser focus on the positive fruitful aspects.

    1. Thanks so much for the needed insight and different perspective, Mike. I've thought a lot about the blog from more of a business perspective since our chat and I'm working on doing it differently but not losing the essence of what I set out to achieve. I truly value your opinion. Thank you

  5. You've made an observation that seems valid:

    "What’s been hitting me with reality most of all is that the people I’m meeting lately don’t even know I blog."

    I didn't realise that the blog was for all those that you met. I guess I always thought Project Me was about, well... Me (okay make that you... but you get the point).

    I might be going out on a limb, but have to say that counting followers/comments/retweets is great and all, but was that really the point of Project Me? I'm not sure it was, and perhaps it's not so much the blog but simply that focus has shifted. The real question then is, "Is this what you want?" You'll always be blogging one way or another (because that's how the interwebs work 😉 ) but will it be under the Project Me banner?

    Only you know that one 🙂

    My recent post Life Goes On

    1. I have read this comment a few times and really needed time to remind myself of why I am blogging and what I'm here for. Each day it feels like it's coming back a little more. Thanks you 😉

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