Is patience ever done and dusted? - project me day 459

4 April 2011

It's Monday morning and I'm feeling pretty frazzled. I don't know if it's my own issues that are getting to me or the concern that I have for everyone else around me. All of a sudden my family and a great deal of my friends seem to be finding themselves amidst unusual amounts of change, challenge and fear. With my very mothering, rescuing energy I have to hold myself back from making sure everyone is okay. Hence, the stress mounts up because I feel helpless on top of my own issues and world of chaos.

Practicing living with faith in the process of life, I know that myself and everyone around me is going to be better than just okay, but the wait to swim through to the other side is driving me insane. I often joke that I choose not to do patience in this lifetime. If there is nothing but choice, then I am free to choose to not have patience at all? Right? No? Why the hell not?

I know it takes a while to set up home and it hasn't even been a week yet, but now the boxes are getting on my nerves. I want my pretty, perfect house and I want to have friends over for tea ... like now!
I want the finances to be flowing and Lifeology to be booming in the way that I know it is going to.
I want the opportunities to be gushing in. I want all my loved ones to have what they want and feel settled and content. Not always ... I know that life will be filled with the ebb and wave of different moments and situations that we have to overcome and adjust to. It would just be nice to be over this ebb in order to ride the wave for a while.

No wait ... instead of deleting everything I've just written maybe it's better to watch the 'project me' moment as I adjust my attitude and remember the gratitude.
I'm in a perfect home with a perfect relationship with my mom. We have a perfect kitty and parrot that keep us company and I'm living next door to my best friend who is also the perfect business partner. I have the most beautiful friends and I see the perfection in their lives too. I know that all boxes will eventually be unpacked and friends and family will fill my beautiful home. I know that money will flow and everyone's hearts will be filled with love!

I know, I know ... but I really wish I could skip patience in this lifetime.

4 comments on “Is patience ever done and dusted? - project me day 459”

  1. Patience is a virtue,
    Virtue is a grace,
    Grace was a dirty girl,
    Who wanted to sit on... 😉

    Anyhow... Just hurry up and wait. 🙂 Always easier said than done. On the other hand, pretend it's Christmas with each box you open. 🙂
    My recent post Just Like Heaven

    1. Well if all you did was make me giggle, it was a great help. I must be honest, I love everything I have packed so I am very excited 😉

  2. haha! You just moved too? Ahh...i know what you mean. I have my living room and kitchen set up and now for the most part just boxes in my bedroom and hallway....*sigh* Just 1 box at a time I keep telling myself...hang in there gurl, it will get unpacked...
    slowly but surely...did you move in the same town or move to a diff. town?
    just curious.
    Good luck Jodene!

    1. I feel so much better that I'm not alone in the world! I haven't been commenting because of the chaos, but I'm tracking the Facebook status's and blogs and wish you so much luck with the new adventures all around you 😉
      Oh ... I moved about 10 minutes away from where I used to live ... not as dramatic as yours at all 😉

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