It all started with a retweet - project me day 322

22 November 2010

I'm back home and it's the Monday morning after a very needed holiday. Yesterday I was totally exhausted and hardly had the energy to tell my family how great my holiday was, let alone blog about it. I have meeting in an hour and a half, but my week couldn't begin without sharing one of my most precious 'project me' moments to date.

I have been blogging for nearly a year and have committed to the second year on daily blogging because of many reasons. One reason shines a little brighter than the others ... world meet Robbie!!

From my very first day of blogging there was a comment on my blog. I was so excited I didn't know what to do with myself. I have become friends with so many bloggers and everyone's greatest fear or?dismantlement is always based on their comments. I have had friends want to stop blogging because they don't received comments ... but there he was from day one.

Having a post retweeted is just as exciting for a blogger ... and there he was again. However, this retweet wasn't like all the others I have had. This one got two strangers chatting and then making friends on Facebook and then making promised of sharing ice cream on the beach.

I've had a lifetime of empty promises and a lot of 'project me' has been about not looking into the past and anticipating the next empty promise, but rather being in the moment and holding onto the promises that truly count.

This one did ...

When I started blogging my intentions were based on getting my name out there so that I could get the recognition as a writer. They were also based on living what I teach ... courage, consciousness and a sense of humour ... and hoping that I could show the world it was possible. The last thing on my mind was making beautiful friends and keeping promises.

The last thing on my mind was sharing a meal together ...

Building sand castles ...

And finding such an incredible person to call my friend!

Thank you for your AWESOMENESS, Robbie ... and for being with me every step of the way!

Photos by Irvin Sammons

15 comments on “It all started with a retweet - project me day 322”

  1. We don't want to live doubting people's promises even though it is tempting to do in order to protect ourselves from the disappointment and pain. It is better to surround ourselves with those who who keep their promises.

    What a special holiday we had and what a blessing to meet Robbie!

    My recent post You are the company you keep

    1. I think I'm in the sifting out stage of friends ... sigh! Thank you for the beautiful holiday my friend, you always make these special moments possible for me!

  2. What an awesome time... not to mention nobody woke up hacked into little bits... although the longer Greg and Irvin took to rouse the more worried somebody became 😉

    Ah, the ice-cream moment... that's number 83 crossed off of my list 😀

    Great finally meeting you all and a get away that was needed far more than I ever realised. After all, how often do you take a day off of work to go build a sand castle, swim at dusk (with no fear of sharks) and then fend off the bluebottles. Nice of Greg and Irvin to join in... get your back better and next time you join in Jo :p

    Even if I did end up going to bed as the "shithead" at least I won a hand! 😀

    My recent post Fathoms Below

    1. Well I was beginning to see the compliment in keeping me alive ... at least you knew to save me till after the fab breakfast ... hehehehe!
      Yay we actually did number 83 on the list ... ice cream on the beach!! Freezing cold, full of blue bottles, gusty wind ... but who the hell cares ... right shithead? hehehehe

      1. Hahahahaa... at least I won a hand... and came in second overall. So quite pleased with my ability to bluff my way through. Irvin's right though, sometimes it is worthwhile picking up the cards. 🙂
        My recent post Make Me Wanna Die

  3. This was definitely one of my most memorable holiday. Spending it with you guys just added the zest my holiday needed and one which my memory will always shine back on...

    Then of course, meeting Robbie - totally out of the blue - which was a great surprise and it turned out such a great day!

    1. Thank you so much for the invite Irv and for opening your holiday home up to me and letting us throw Robbie into the mix! It was absolutely amazing and your gorgeous children where the cherry ontop!

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