It takes turning 40 to turn it around - project me post 956

9 June 2013

I can't believe it's 3 and a half months away.

I've been excited for it for a long time and get the feeling that there really is something in turning 40. I watched an interview with one of my fave country actors and she was had just done the most gorgeous photo shoot where everyone in the audience was cheering that she looked so great for her age. What is it with 40? That was her big question.

I've always battled with my weight. Never felt great about what I looked like and to be honest I didn't put much into making myself look better for most of my adult life. Then something happened. Whether it was conscious or not ... I started heading toward the Four Ohh!

I think I truly have to thank good genes, because I know I don't look my age. More importantly, I do believe that it's because I've kept a certain amount of fun innocence about me and in return, the aging fairies have been kind to me.

So sometime last year I went to a trainer, who wanted me training like I was on boot camp and skinny-ing down to some crazy weight. That put me off getting my head around the whole heathly living, losing weight at the toughest age in your life thing. Then I met with some friends and told them the story. They promptly threw Marilyn in my face and told me that if I lost my curves, I would lose my personality. Something stuck that day ...

Although the gym thing is still a constant battle, I have found my mojo with eating and can honestly say that now I live a healthy life. It might be slow, but I'm feeling that I'm getting something very right.

Then it happened. I was getting ready the other morning and instead of looking in the mirror and seeing how far I had to go, all I could see is how far I have come. Now that's a true moment of Project Me! It took months and months to experience it ... but I dare say that I'll never look at myself the same again ... and just in time for 40!

This is 40 in 3.5 months time

This is 40 in 3.5 months time

4 comments on “It takes turning 40 to turn it around - project me post 956”

  1. 40 is the new 30! You look beautiful my dear keep it up! It's great to see hardworking paying off. Enjoy the new you!

  2. Great post!!!! I saw this pic of you when you liked one of my pics!!! You are doin brilliantly Jo, keep going, you have alot of people in the world routing for your great success! You look so sexy and totally gorgeous in this pic Love Love! 40 is ready to be your best year yet....sending love and hugs

    1. No matter the distance, you are always so close to my heart and I thank you so much for supporting me every step of the way E! Big SA love and hugs to your beautiful family!

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