It's a good excuse, butt! - project me day 570

29 July 2011
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Thanks Adriaan Bergh for being such an amazing sport ... face pic tomorrrow, I promise

I know you know that I had one of the most fun and thrilling days of my life, never mind blogging career, yesterday. I truly need an entire blog to thank the Joburg Theatre, the cast of Burn the Floor and an amazing group of SA celebs for one freaking awesome day. I know my Tweets and comments promised a blog filled with pics and the whole inside story today ... but boy, do I have a confession to make.

Firstly, I would like a bow for actually dragging my ass off to water aerobics on this freezing cold morning. It would have been easy to look at the 1500 photos I had to sort through, remember that I had a thrilling meeting at 12pm and skip gym, but I'm actually beginning to enjoy it. No, I didn't go at 5am. Nope, not 7am either. I did the ... um ... old ladies class at 9am. Home, change, sort through a few hundred pics ... and off to a meeting.

After the great success of Social Media Day hosted at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg, Derek Martin and myself have been keen to utilise the?collaboration?of this top socialised hotel and the great things that we have planned. One of those things is the official launch of #FollowSA that we've decided to turning into an event of note.
My friend Pixel Slave is in the midst of designing the logo and my other friend, Little Miss is making a bigger noise about #FollowSA than I ever thought possible. These dreams could all be a reality.

But ... that's only one distraction that put the brakes on while sorting through 1500 pictures. Did I say one thousand five hundred?
The other distraction was the mere fact that the pics are so wow, I don't know how to narrow them down to a decent enough number.

Sevel Marc and Aljaz Skorjanec flashing their abs ... just for fun!

I mean seriously, between the butts, abs and beautiful smiles ... well, add an indecisive libran and a gay best friend and it's no wonder we are still sitting with about 800 pictures to still narrow down to a decent enough amount for a blog and an album that tells the story of a truly spectacular day as a blogger and South African.

Tomorrow I will tell you more about yet another proudly South African moment that has made me realise that a lot of my purpose, with all I have achieved on this social platform, is to be fundamental in driving SA to be a very powerful force that is on par with the rest of the world.

As for 'project me' ... well, it looks as though I'm about to be sharing my own project me story and encouraging others to live their stories too. The requests to be on radio and give talks all fall into place around the SA public holiday, Women's Day and this blogging girl couldn't find a better time to share my story of living with courage, consciousness and that very vital sense of humour!

The shadowy side of 'project me' is that a part of me is getting a little nervous about my ability to keep this daily blogging up with how full the days are getting. Another part of me doesn't think any part of me would be able to end my day without this very vital and awakening part of my life ... anyway, the fears might be a little premature but that's only because I couldn't keep a promise I made. As Greggie says ... the only person who is expecting so much of me ... is me! 'Project me' lesson 3 245 😉



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