It's all about me - Day 49

19 February 2010

Arriving home at 2am after a Jolly night out on the town and I'm wondering to myself, "do I blog or do I sleep"

We have a big meeting with our web developers and creative team tomorrow and I have missed gym a little too much after the bruised toe incident ... best I sleep.
Just as I decide that I don't need to blog, I wonder who would miss me if I just stopped blogging? It's the first time such a random thought has run through my head since the 'project me and the blogging began ...

Who the hell is reading this anyway?

What am I doing blogging at 2am?

Is anyone waiting to see how 'project me' has been today?

I know one person ... ME!

There was drama with the Jock and with the computer, but there were also special moments where beautiful new friends feel like they have been around forever!
It was sorted with the Jock and the computer ... all the while through the hours of day 49, someone hurt me, someone made me smile, someone told me I was pretty, someone ignored me, someone reminded me about my talents, someone reminded me about my gifts, someone showed me how in ego I can be, someone showed me what I can offer the world, someone told me that I can be anything ...

... that someone was ME!

4 comments on “It's all about me - Day 49”

  1. Very true jodene, all of us need to have self respect that makes us so powerful. Life throws us many happy moments and sad moments, in all those if we need to survive we need to respect ourselves in whatever we do. Atlast life is exactly the way we look at it!

  2. Well I'm reading "Project Me" 🙂

    So yeah, I'd miss you if you just stopped.

    Managed to figure out what you did to that toe yet? Or are you going to write it off to strange things in the universe?

    1. Ah, thank you China Doll and Rob ... so nice to wake up to special messages on my blog!
      China Doll ... whenever I have a late night I always niggle at the temptation to post a little entry just for you ... lol

      Robbie ... the toes sage continues on day 50 ...nope ... new toes 😉

  3. Yes, heeeelllllooooo! I missed you when I woke up this morning!!! No transition between slumberland and workland and now I'm in a bad mood! But hey hey it's friday! Keep blogging girlfriend!

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