It's never too late to start a tradition - project me day 772

13 February 2012
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Mommy and me

Life will never be the same without my dad and although the years are passing by I think we, as a family, are starting to understand just how far we have all come in the near 4 years without him.

Dad was a big entertainer and he also wanted his family around him, despite it not being wise to always throw 4 independent girls and a baby brother together. Half the time we were all snarling at each other and my dad was just happy to be surrounded by his children and loving wife.

His favourite was a reason to cook or do something where we could all pile into the car and as we got older and couldn't all fit into one vehicle ... well he just bought a larger one. His family grew to 2 sets of twin grandsons and I'm sure he would have added a trailer for his two son-in-laws who he never go to meet.

We are amazing as a family because we all have our differences, but when it come to the crunch ... we are there for each other time and again.

The son-in-laws, Pat and Matt

We've been talking for a while and admittedly it's been tougher to hold it all together with Max, our daddy glue.

We've spoken about it for ages and all of a sudden, this new year rang in a new determination for all of us to have one day a month where we get together as a family and relax, have fun and just be.

It's not easy for any of us to get into that head space because my dad made sure he had either ambitious or overly enthusiastic children and quite time isn't really of any of our agendas. But we were going to make it work ... and we did!!

Tomorrow is little sis and her hubby, Matt's first wedding anniversary so the day couldn't be more special having a braai and pool afternoon at their flat.

I needed it ...
Okay, not the sun so much because we really aren't friends but I can't remember when last I actually swam and played round in the pool. It's certainly the first time I've had such a special day with the man of my dreams on my arm. The world was far left behind and it was all about nephew's, siblings, an amazing mom and two awesome additions to the family.

Dad ... we've started something that you planted the seed about ages ago and even though we were slow on the start, you were really onto something. We made it ... we chilled out, didn't want to kill each other, ate far too much and even set the date for the next one. So there it is, a family tradition start, and in the most beautiful way possible.

Little sis and her hubby ... wishing you a very happy first anniversary!


My gorgeous hunk of a photographer who always captures the perfect moments ... and hasn't left me because of my loopy family ;p


The essence of the day perfectly captured

One comment on “It's never too late to start a tradition - project me day 772”

  1. It really was a stunning day (sure part of the warmth shinning down on us was from Dad) - the rest was sunburn causing rays (had to bath in after sun last night).

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