It's not always a numbers game - project me day 574

2 August 2011
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Myself with The_Gossip_Guy and Kass Naidoo, the founder of GSport

Yesterday was the start of Women's month in SA. I have spent the past few days reflecting back on my blog post a year ago and realised that I didn't lose any followers from my different point of view on the energy of a day or month created for the awareness of women.

To start the month I was invited to the GSport Awards that honours women in sport in South Africa. A big thank you to The_Gossip_Guy for making me his +1! We all know that I'm battling to get my ass out of bed in the AM and do a 45 minute aqua aerobics workout and here I was in the midst of some mighty dedicated women.

Kass Naidoo is one brave and inspirational woman who founded the GSport awards for woman in SA Sport. I wasn't invited as a blogger, but there is a part of me that is eternally in 'project me' mode and I couldn't help thinking about the very intimate crowd in the room.

Of course I expected hundreds of people and thought I would get totally lost in the crowd, but it wasn't like that at all. I know it's not what anyone wanted and a large part of the event was about the domination of males sports and how women have so much fighting to do to get any recognition. Women are such powerful forces ... don't we have to wonder why?

I am a little pissed at myself for not throwing myself out there as a speaker way before women's day but to be honest I think a part of me is always worried about the reaction to my views on the topic. Yes, I totally agree that male dominated sports get so much more money, sponsorship and recognition. I also agree that the women in that room were equally skilled, talented and worthy. So what would have done if I had the change to speak to a crowd of woman who wished we were more to make our voices louder?

I should be doing lots of talks this women's month, but that's another blog and 'project me' esteem issue altogether. In the meantime I can't help but daydream about what I would say to a room full of women at a month that I'm not sure benefits us. We always talk about standing united and pulling together as a strong force, but some of the greatest people in the world have made impact with their voice alone. Maybe it's not what we say, but how we say it? Maybe it's not how we say it, but why we say it?

If the theory is that we should take responsibility for everything that happens in our lives and that nothing is a coincidence then why are we (as woman) perceived to need to drive ourselves forward to get any attention, recognition or respect?

Unbelievably ... I'm still pondering this, but one thing I know is that there was a room full of powerful woman in my midst and I just wished that they I could give them the gift that my dear friend, The_Gossip_Guy gave me. He told me once that I was never to ask people to support or notice me. He taught me that I have an offering and that I am an asset and have a value and contribution that others need by knowing me. I'm only one voice, but I know that with that message woman can do so much ... and maybe not have to have a month that perpetuates our need to fight for anything. We are lovers, not fighters!

One comment on “It's not always a numbers game - project me day 574”

  1. Have to say that one of the greatest football matches I've seen of late was the USA vs Japan at the FIFA World Cup final! It had just about everything - just no clear winner (I don't consider a shootout means to winning a cup). If anyone is wondering why this comment is relevant, Google this match played earlier this year 😀 or... just click here

    With that said, just wish my side would sign Morgan what a striker! We can hope can't we? 😉

    Women in sports... well, we need more of them to participate from the start. You can't nurture something that isn't there.
    My recent post Who's That Girl

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