It's okay to blog again - project me post 896

19 November 2012

I?ve done some burying my head in the sand when it comes to sharing what?s going on in my life and I?m slowly beginning to refocus and actually remember what this journey of blogging means to me.? Somewhere along the lines I have gotten myself caught in the good old trap of thinking that everyone wants to be inspired by success and other people happy stories. Well, I think that a part of us will always want that but I also know that watching someone go through tough times and still wake every day, carry on and not give up is the great inspiration that we need. That?s why I decided to blog in the first place, because I knew the number of self help books I turned to and realised that everyone was telling their story when they were reflecting back on the tough times.

So now I have to share my tough times in order to be true to myself and truly live #projectme.

It?s not like they are woe is me tough, but I feel like I?m on a hamster wheel and have to admit some interesting things to you, my readers. Well, I?m still admitting them to me, so let?s all hear them at the same time.

Holy crap, it?s so freaking hard to lose weight!
Seriously, I lost the first 11kg in 10 weeks and thought that I had changed my life forever. I thought I would never go back to the old patterns and I would steadily lose about a kilo a week in this effortless journey. Well, truth be told, I hate gym and it didn?t work out with my trainers, so I?m kinda back to square one there. The self motivation isn?t my strong point, but I still manage to drag myself there about once or twice a week.
As for the food thing: There is no magic formula that stops cravings and emotional eating and although I haven?t put any of the weight back on, I just can?t get back into the rhythm of healthy eating.

If I tell you that I?m going through a roller coaster of emotions then you had better believe it.
Pat and I went through an interesting time (another reason I avoided blogging) where we both got to the point where the fighting over money, life and stresses just got too much. We would argue over the tiniest thing and eventually we both got too tired to want to fight any more. I can?t begin to tell you the shock we both got when we admitted to each other that if we had one more fight, we wanted to walk away from it.
Well, that?s one way of discovering how much you love each other and how we use each other as punching bags for our stress and within days we had both begun to do something different ... very different.
Amazingly, we have come through as a stronger, happier and more carefree couple and we truly have started to support each other in our daily issues. Trust me, it?s not tough when both partners in a relationship are fighting to be successful entrepreneurs, but we are getting there.

We never get away from family drama, or I don?t anyway and for some reason I get myself very stressed out around family and immediately turn to food to comfort myself. I?m working on that, I promise.

Then there?s career ...
I know I?ve said it before, but entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. It?s also been reiterated to us over and over again that we are pioneering our way through the social media world and it?s never easy waiting for the world around us to have the same realisations as us.
In the meantime, we keep pitching to clients and they keep saying how much they admire us and think we are doing great work. Then they ask how social media is going to affect their bottom line. Oi, no one in the world truly has answers to that, so we meet more influential people in the hope that they can shed light on the answer for us ... and they can?t.

I also have this amazing friend who is finally helping me proof my novel, Ephineah. On the one hand, I am so excited that she's loving the story and driving me for more chapters, but on the other hand, I can feel how much time it takes to read through and edit a chapter and I just don't have it now. I'm trying to do as much as I can now that Pat's photography has picked up so nicely and he's out at shoots so often at night and on the weekend. There are only 9 chapters so go so I just have to keep juggling all the balls and getting once chapter done a time.
PS ... I'm going to be asking people who want to read my novel sooner rather than later.

So while we are pitching away and feel as though it?s going to be a longer road than we ever expected and I realise relationships take more work than I expected and weight loss takes more will power than I expected ...

I still waked up each day excited about the unexpected and each day I?m not disappointed. When I stop trying to show the world how far I have come and get excited about showing the world that I?m merely pitching up and living with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour, then it?s okay to blog again.

So, just for today ... it was okay to blog again.

PS ... a huge big thanks you to Greggie for cleaning up my blog header! Wow, a change truly is a good as ?long, sunny, toes in the beach sand holiday!

2 comments on “It's okay to blog again - project me post 896”

  1. I think sharing the hard times is a gift. Whatever your struggle, it is easy to believe that others have less difficulty overcoming theirs. When someone I look up to admits that it is hard and that they have set-backs, it makes me believe that I can stick with it and make it happen. Thank you!

    1. Thanks my friend ... I always need that gentle reminder but already feel myself so much more passionate about sharing my story again 🙂

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