It's what friends do - project me day 398

2 February 2011

Treated like a princess by Twinkletoes

Your eyes have not deceived you. I am blogging at a crazy hour. It's barely 6am here in the Southern Hemisphere but I have such an exciting day ahead of me that I'm not surprised I couldn't wait to jump out of bed and get started.

It's just a pity that the shops I need to go to, friends I need to chat to and siblings I need to ask a little help from are all still asleep or closed. So you have me for me a while otherwise I know I'm gonna make noise loud enough to maybe wake a sibling 😉

For the first time since I did a Thanksgiving dinner, (back in 2004 after my family home with my business in it burned down) I am opening up my home to my friends for a sacred event. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving in South Africa, hence the big mention. Actually, most things in the Southern Hemisphere are a little odd when it comes to tradition, so brace yourself for Christmas in July down the road.

My life is an open book. Well it has to be to blog freely like this, yet the only thing that I held very private (not necessarily for the right reasons) was the fact that I am a practicing ... um ... I never know whether to say Pagan, Wiccan, Goddess Girl, Free Spirited Soul ... it's all labels anyway. Whatever I am, I work with the moon and follow the earthly festivals that are correct for my hemisphere. I am stressing that because when everyone celebrates Halloween in October here I want to go nuts ... it's a Winter festival, but that's only important to me. This year I decided to share it with my friends and let the world in to the last sacred thing that I have not shared. Well, that's what friends do, isn't it?

Tomorrow's blog will be all about the festival, but traditionally I wake up and hold the energy of the day with me until I do my traditional rituals at the end of it. So I'm up, with much excitement and I'm thinking about what I want to carry with me into the next quarter of my year. All I can think about is my friends.

Family might be rocky, boys might break my heart, money might be hiding and health might be temporarily fragile ... but my friends are incredibly solid. My friends are magical. I am one of the luckiest women but I might just think that it's natural to be so blessed with friends.

Then I walked into Twinkletoes' house yesterday for what I thought would be a simple breakfast with a friend or two. Only Twinkletoes would have put on a lavish spread the way he did. I can't remember when last I was so flattered by an act of kindness straight from the heart. Once again, in mid mouthful of an elaborately scrumptious breakfast, I had to remind myself that this is special and not always just what friends do. Thank you Twinkletoes for being beyond a precious friends.

Then there are the other precious friends, like Irvie, who I truly do adore after I've calmed myself down and adjusted to his personality. I think I spend my life reflecting back and then saying a little 'sorry' to my wildly passionate friend. For me, this is totally natural too ... to be able to tell a friend off then make it all better and then tell them off a few weeks (ok days) later. That's what friends do, isn't it? No secrets. No telling someone else that your friend drove you a little nuts by misunderstanding your personality or by doing something straight from the heart. I do love and adore you for every little crazy thing you do Irvie. Thank you for thinking me worthy and sharing me with the world ... us Librans can be a little over protective of our hearts at times.

Then there are the rest of my amazingly precious friends who so openly wanted to share tonight's festivities with me. No one rolled an eye or said WTF when I sent out an invite for an unusual evening. No matter if their religious or spiritual views differ, everyone is gather to share something so precious to me. I can't say that's what friends do because it's not something I have done before.

Yesterday my friend Nikki, who I have never met, never spoken to and never hugged, posted a little video of the snow falling. I don't think I even noticed the snow because I clung to hearing her voice ... I can't believe I bumped into her blog somewhere down the line and now we have a bond that outshines times and space.
Robbie wasn't a work yesterday and all we do is say 'Hi' on Facebook or send cheeky comments to each other's Twitter ... yet my day was totally incomplete.
All these unusual moments are the gift I have given myself in friendship and not necessarily what friends just do. It has been a huge 'project me' realisation to get that I created these friendship and just how different they might actually be 😉

It fascinates me, that at a time of such reflection, just how chaotic my life is and yet I feel the stability of friends helping me hold it all together. Now that's what friends do ...

3 comments on “It's what friends do - project me day 398”

  1. Ah Jo... We do indeed a have a very special relationship. You have pushed me forward in so many directions with my photography, in ways that are completely unexplainable to most... And you weren't exactly friendly about them either! *giggle*

    You know you're truth worth so stop questioning it and just live it!!

    1. Well they do say that the tumbled stone makes the best diamond. I'm clinging to that with you and I ... lol!
      I have learned that we all show our ways on love the best we know how and for that I choose to continue to show you just how unconditionally you can be loved my friend!

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