January 2022 Energy Update: Numerology and Astrology

27 December 2021
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If you haven’t stopped and reflected on the year you had, to find the places where you dared to be truer to yourself, then do that now! It’s a vital part of understanding how January could go for you. It’s also helpful to understand the Universal Energy for 2022, as there is a theme through each month that ties into how we should reflect in 12 months time.

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January always feels like a fresh start because it is a 1 energy through the month. Each year, the adjoining energy changes and this year we go back to the to the 7 energy we experienced in November. The twist will be stepping from 5 into the 6 universal year to see the true impact of the repeated numbers.

Let’s take a look at the 1 monthly energy first, which always kicks in the desire to do something new and different. This is why New Year’s resolutions seem like such a good idea, but aren’t stuck when we no longer have the 1 energy supporting us. Especially if you don’t have any 1’s in your personal numerology.

If you don’t know your life path or character number you can either book a 30 minute exploratory session with me have a taste of what your personal numerology means or book your 2022 numerology reading, where I give you a personalised reading about your traits and how you can best use your innate nature through 2022.

Use the 1 energy through the month to see what truly inspires you and what you want to drive to bring to life or expand further into. The 6 universal year’s energy will support you by truly calling for you to question if you are ‘feeling it’, when it comes to all your plans and ideas.

Relationships are important through the year and this month you want to watch for how independent you are. It could also be all about your over-independence and not allowing those who care about you to support you where you need it.

The 7 energy comes from adding January’s 1 and 2022 together. It is important to watch for your inability to let go of 2021 and spend too much mental time in the past during such a fresh energetic month.

Being present with those you surround yourself with and not getting lost in thought, work, technology and the other things that distract you could deepen bonds right at the start of the year.

Don’t think that you can only find peace if you isolate yourself from others around you, or that escaping in any way will be fulfilling. Meditation is not always about going into your own world. It can be about deeply integrating yourself into the moment and feeling for the fulfilment and joy.

Let’s look at the astrology for January.

The enthusiasm will launch us into the year with New Moon in Capricorn on the 2nd. If you plan to think responsibly and rationally into the future then this is the best day to do it.

If you haven’t worked with me yet to use the Moon Phases to create the life you want then download the FREE eBook for step by step guidance. You can get additional support by booking a Personal Transformation Coaching Session, which is divided into four 15 minutes times to chat at each moon phase.

First Quarter Moon in Aries on the 9th will keep the enthusiasm and passion high. If you aren’t feeling like you are on fire at the start of the year then look to your numerology to see what the 6 Universal Energy might be calling for you to see, early in the game.

On the 17th Full Moon in Cancer is going to dive us straight into the heart-centred attention we need to shine the spotlight on some important truths about our emotional health and wellbeing.

Scorpio Last Quarter Moon on the 25th will bring begin to wind the month down with us reflecting into the way we started the year. Don’t shy away from truths that aren’t easy, as the whole of the universe is waiting to guide you to your deserved happiness.

Balsamic/Dark Moon starts on the 27th in Sagittarius and wants for us to spend the next 72 hours asking ourselves what we have learned about the theme of the year already.

We dive straight into retrogrades in January, with planets welcoming us into the shadow work we need to do.

Venus goes Retrograde on the 1st and remains until the 29th. Remember how the numerology theme is heart centred with the 6? Well, there’s nothing that puts the spotlight on our happiness, harmony and all aspects of love like Venus in retrograde.

We have our first Mercury retrograde between the 14th and into February. It also moves back from Aquarius, into Capricorn on the 25th. Watch for starting off a bit dreamy and then seeing the reality of what life really looks like. Look at any old issues that resurface for you to do something different.

One planet comes out of retrograde with the carryover energy from last year. Uranus goes direct on the 18th and may bring unexpected realisation that we should have seen in other ways but might not have been brave enough to face.

As all the planets are always navigating us towards our heart’s desires, the ego might not be ready for what seems like upheaval.

On the 19th we move into Aquarius season and feel a lightness into what changes we want to bring to reality. Enjoy the month that has a sense of freedom, but don’t get too detached from everyone around you. This is also linked into the 1 energy of the month.

We are so close to launching the monthly membership, which will give you more intimate and conscious guidance leading on from the monthly and weekly energy updates. Sign up be the first to see what the membership will entail and don’t be surprised if you are treated to a sneak journey for a few months as one of the first to enthusiastically show interest.

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January Special
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Stay brave! 

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