Joburg streets filled with snow and grown-up kids - project me post 868

7 August 2012
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A few years ago I remember staring out of my window and watching a few pathetic snowflakes falling. That day I reminisced about my torture of being sick in bed on the one day that it snowed when I was about 8 years. Since then, I've always dreamed of watching snow falling while the fire is going and I'm sipping on a hot cup of tea.

I imaged myself having to fly thousands of miles to experience it, but then there was today.

The day started off freezing and there was talk of snow, but us Jozi folk are used to building ourselves up and then feeling bitterly?disappointed?when all we get is another freezing day and a touch of sleet ... but snow ... real snow.
The first few feel when I was driving to Greggie's house to have a meeting with the Black Sheep Media team. Little did I know that within a few hours we would all be canceling our next meetings and Gabbi, Jenn, Greggie and myself would be playing in the snow.

How gorgeous is it get so excited about something that might be a just another day for someone else. The social networks have been so much fun to watch, with friends all playing in the snow, or staring out the windows at it. From where we were, we could hear children giggling at a school nearby. Funny that, our giggles sounded very similar.

Where we come from ... that's a whole lot of snow


What started as a business meeting ... in the snow with Gabbi & Jenn from Black Sheep Media


Greggie and me loving the snow


White rooftops *giggles*

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