Jodene is on the coffee table - project me day 401

5 February 2011

Yes, it's one of those odd expressions that need a little explaining and then it seems to catch on and move through the crowds. Greggie picked it up from somewhere and then passed it onto me and now it's become the emergency cry for help.

Jumping off the coffee table is a serious cry for help. It's also very?indicative?of the energy with which I have learned that I (am most of my friends) handle drama and chaos. One of my greatest messages to the world is that there is a reason to laugh at everything and I know I have been shot down many times for that. I have suffered loss and tragedy many times over, yet there has always been something out there to make me laugh. I have giggled hysterically at grave sights with mothers who are burying their children and I have certainly nearly peed in my pants laughing at my own drama.

I know I will survive anything and I know these moments are fleeting (or at least I hope) but I can't say I'm in the best space right now.
I have chosen to something very bold and unusual with my life. I don't have a product to sell ... I have me to sell. Therefore I have to rely on why I am different from everyone else on the planet and right now I feel as though everyone feels the same as me, therefore how different am I anyway?

It's all money related ... I can't go on doing what I'm doing without seeing the financial rewards, yet if you told me I had to do anything else with my life I would seriously contemplate jumping off the coffee table. This IS what I want to do! I know I am doing exactly what is my life purpose! Now how do I make money out of it????

That's what is floating through my head every moment of every day lately.
I had the most beautiful dinner with friends last night but I literally had to drag myself there. I just wanted to lie on the couch and contemplate my entire life. I never do though ... I have never given in to those moments of self pity and I am always so relieved that I didn't.

We all have a saving grace though and mine is my 'project me' moment of reminding myself to do anything. Just do something! Don't lie around and do nothing.

Firstly, I ate like a pig ... so that's still got work! But then I got my butt off the couch and I started working on sorting out my Organic Orgasm blog. It's been sitting idle for far too long and I have been putting it off because it's seemed too tedious. What do you know? In my horrid state of mind I got the entire thing sorted. Okay, so there's some old archived content to add an a broken button on the top (that I will need My Knight for) but besides that ... I did wonders yesterday.

I metaphorically climb onto the coffee table often. I have chosen the path less traveled and have far too much passion and wisdom to give up on my dreams. I get lost in the hows and haven't manifested financial stability even though I teach it. But that's what drives me ... that's why I blog every day of my life. Because one day I will turn back to this post and remember when I was more on the coffee table than off and I will have more than just a success story to tell ... I will have proof of the darkness and the fear that comes with finding out that I am that powerful!


3 comments on “Jodene is on the coffee table - project me day 401”

  1. I saw a post this morning by a friend of mine on Facebook - it could not be more appropriate so I want to share this with you:

    "You have to put in many, many, many tiny efforts that nobody sees or appreciates before you achieve anything worthwhile." - Brian Tracy
    My recent post 34- the missing link- life and laughter

    1. Thanks for this hunny and for all the love and support. I think my frustration is that I can see all the tiny efforts ... but maybe there is more of me that is undiscovered and that's what this journey is all about 😉

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