Jodene meets Gossip Guy ? project me day 217

6 August 2010

In honour of such a inspirational day I'm confessing that I snuck out to buy a large serving of ice cream to trade for my customary tea while blogging. Since the life changing introduction of my body to food, it's been a much healthier relationship that has led the way to ice cream being more a delicious treat than a daily obsession ... and holy moly does it taste good.

I know the blog has been filled with nominations and I've bombarded you with different forms of charming begging to spread the word and nominate, nominate ... but there's a reason far more deep than even I realised.
When ?I tell people the story of 'project me' as a blog, I stun myself at the amazing journey I have traveled to be where I am today.

While doing my make up today I consciously made sure to be picture perfect because I had a photograph planned. Part of my business day plan was attending a meeting that Greggie (and his amazing foresight and networking ability) had set up with none other than a fellow blogger.
You know the dreams ... the one where I'm writing all day long, except when I'm talking about or being interviewed about my writing. Well, that's how blogging began ... it was my sneaky way of getting my name out there so that it was somehow easier to be published and write, write ... write.

Today was a milestone ... I went to a meeting as a blogger. I have my array of well suited hats and they interchange from teacher to business owner to aspiring writer, but today the blogger one looked gorgeous on me.

It looked just as gorgeous on Gossip Guy. I'm not the greatest celeb following chick because I'm not really interested in who's shagging whom and who's not wearing panties this week. Well Gossip Guy feels the same! Celeb news minus the shallow, need to see celebs in their worst state, who's the bitchiest reporter of them all ... this is so the blog for me.
Now I'm not loving this blog in the hope that Gossip Guy remembers my total love and adoration for Daughtry, (not only for his drop dead good looks ... I promise I think he's talented too!) and sneaks me into some back door to just bat my eyelids and say "hi" before screaming like a girl. I haven't screamed like a total groupie since 2000 when I flew all the way to?London?just to see Ronan Keating. He touched my hand you know ... and well ... yes, it's not my proudest grown up moment, but certainly my most giggly one.

Gossip Guy is all about celeb news, happenings and ... my favourite reason to blog ... the life of Gossip Guy!
Meetings are all about collaboration and I want to do more than just swap a link with a fellow blogger! I want us to give each other the love, support and encouragement it took for my readers and friends to help me establish myself as who I am today ... problem is that I'm no celeb. Or am I?

Well, I can't sing ... ?I was reminded of that when I went over a speed bump while sneaking out to buy ice cream and my Keith Urban CD skipped a note long enough for me to hear my own high pitched squeak.
Despite all the drama in my life and my ability to most probably write an extremely off the wall screenplay ... I can't act either.
I'm not much of a fashionista except for being the proud owner of my D & G sunglasses and my watch (of the very same gorgeous label) that spends its life in the safe and might be worn twice a year.

I am a blogger! Only today did I realise that we are celebs in our right! Don't panic ... you know that I'm far too chilled to turn into the shadow of Ms. Beckham with her pouting smile! I love my smile far too much to ditch that for fame and fortune.

I just chatted to My Knight because we are all going out to watch our friend, DarkDippy, in a play tonight. Clearly, being the eternal bachelor, My Knight called with a tone of panic because the email said 'bring your own food'. What does that mean to a bachelor? Never fear, Greggie and I assumed that panic and have full intention of feeding him. That aside, I was telling him about my realisation that I'm a blogger and it's as much a part of my profession as my writing, teaching and speaking. Then I felt my heart settle ... 'project me' is?ingrained in my soul and etched into my heart. It's become one of those habits that is now as much a part of me as my every breath and no matter where my blogging ever takes me it will always be laced with the essence of it's humble beginnings.

Once again, I would like to thank everyone for the overwhelming messages and 'DONE' notes pasted all over my Facebook. Thank you for the Twitter RT's and posting my?nomination?requests for the SA blog awards on your status's.

If you have not nominated yet, please do so and spread the world as an extra special favour. It's the BEST PERSONAL BLOG nomination that 'project me' is hoping for.

And now I'm dashing off to watch my friend in a play as I drink champagne out of a plastic cup ... what a perfect way to end an inspirational day.

13 comments on “Jodene meets Gossip Guy ? project me day 217”

  1. Jodes this is such a cool post. I just love watching how you've grown so nicely into your comfortable roll of blogger. I feel as though I have known you my whole life even though I live way on the other side of the world.

    Gossip Guy looks so awesome and I can't wait to see all the great things you guys are going to get up to.
    If you meet Daughtry I'm going to faint on your behalf ... tee hee

    1. Thanks Jess! I'm really learning to love to fit into the roll of 'blogger' and I think it suits me so very well. LOL
      If I meet Daughtry then I'll be fainting enough for both of us! Lots of love Jessie girl and chat soon!

  2. We are fellow Twitterers and I see you posts often so I came to check you out. Cool blog.

  3. What a cool collaboration for both of you. I hope it's a fun and successful venture.

    1. I'm thinking it's a very cool collaboration with my business partner Greggie to thank for it.
      I hope you keep checking in to see just how cool the collaboration is 😉

  4. Ah... meeting fellow celebs 😉 Too bad Ozzy's got that restraining order against me 😛

    Seriously though... what's better than champagne from a plastic cup? That generally means that you're someplace that glasses aren't a good idea or simply put on an adventure! 😀

    Fun... 😉 that's the name of the game. I believe.
    My recent post Bohemian Rhapsody

    1. Me thinks you need a visit to Jozi to meet my crazy crew who go to places where we drink champagne from plastic cups 😉

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