Joko tea and me - project me day 412

16 February 2011

I have heard it said before that there's something in the water, but for this blogging/writing/speaking girl, it's in the tea.

If you have been following my blog for a while you might recall that in December my brother bought the wrong tea. The totally wrong tea. If you've been following you also know that I say I never complain, but I do! So I sucked it up and slogged my way through the other brand for nearly two month. Yep, if it were MY brand I would have drunk far more but I'm not one to waste stuff and everyone else in this house drinks coffee ... sigh!

Then it happened. It was time to buy more tea. My brand! My tea! My Joko!!

I'm only a brand queen about two things ... My Dolce & Gabbana and my Joko.
I kid you not, it's only been a day or two but I swear something has changed. Or is it that something has returned? Last night Greggie, mom and I were talking about how I handled everything at my little sis's wedding. I have also been on a mission to do more things with my career?opportunities over the past few days. I'm ready to tackle fixing my back in a big way and I'm about to get bolder with a boy ... it hit me all of a sudden that one very distinct thing had change. I had a hot cup of Joko tea in my hand.

Bring it on world! That's how I feel today!
I am making plans to get my public speaking going in a big way. "Project Me" is about to be spoken about in the four corners of the world ... although it might start in the local community hall down the road 😉
I have things to say, people to see, places to go and a lot more 'project me' things to do ... but I will never be without my tea again.

We all have something that comforts us and I get asked so often what the difference between passion and addiction is? I have also been spending some time with someone who has so bravely overcome addiction in their life and although we all joke about my addiction to tea ... not just any tea ... I am beginning to have the smallest glimmer into the life of someone where addiction consumed their every waking moment. We are all addicts in some way and some of us don't even know it.
I don't know whether it's worse to live with one that you know or have to try and figure out what is consuming you so much. I remember when I admitted my addiction to food and I know the first time I saw myself in the mirror and though 'when did I become this?'

Between the long hours of talking to someone who has braved it yet still fears it and hearing many great words of praise for 'project me' as I live it and blog about it, I have been pushed to do something more. Trust me ... I'm shit scared!

This morning I woke up ready to get out there and speak. Ready to tell my story because of how a story has inspired me, because we all have a story to tell.

So, if you are in the Johannesburg area and you have a venue you would like to promote or would like to sponsor a 'project me' talk, then contact me or post a comment here and let's get out there and grow together.

I also woke up today and realised that so many people have their 'project me' story to tell and I'm about to launch 'YOUR STORY' where you get to share your gratitude to anyone or any thing that has helped you nearly as much as my tea has helped me 😉 (This is a world-wide deal so get ready to share with the world because you never know whose life could change because of you).

Now that's a funky way to start a day 😉 Tea anyone?

PS ... this is my best Joko ad and I just had to share it with the world 😉

19 comments on “Joko tea and me - project me day 412”

  1. As a mate of mine pointed out some time ago, "Life is too short to drink crap coffee!" That can pretty much be carried over anything. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing to taste (there is no right or wrong, so can't really say doing it right).

    That's the beauty of so many things, you've got to do it your way... after all, this is my story and it'll go the way I want it to... You've got to make yours go your way.

    Personally I'd go with a cup of coffee (bring anything that's ever been mentioned in the same breath as chicory and I'll be very unhappy) 😉

    But ultimately, I'll have a Famous Grouse, no water... no ice... that's the way I like it. 😀
    My recent post Whiskey In The Jar

    1. You would have gotten on so well with my dad, Robbie! He loved his Famous Grouse. For the last Christmas with him I had a bottle made that said 'Famous Max'. I still have it!
      Good memories 😉

  2. That is a very cool ad. I didn't see your mojo go anywhere but every things seems very exciting. Good luck

  3. There is another cute ad that I will post some day 😉 or just go to youtube and find the Joko ads!

    Thanks hun ... that's the advantage of fake it till you make it 😉

    1. I still don't know how fake it till you make it works. I think I need a little more project me explaining. I know you keep saying it's not lying but it doesn't feel as though I'm getting it very right.

      1. Maybe I will do a post just on that but there is a big difference between lying and faking it. Let me just get my head around explaining it 😉

    1. It's worth the try. I shall bring some one my visit one day!!!
      Thanks my friend ... now I can't wait to hear the story you are going to share with my readers and myself

      1. I'm not a big tea drinker. I have my coffee in the morning and then don't really have time to drink much else. Unhealthy, I know. But my coffee has1 sugar and milk.

        1. And coffee ain't exactly my thing ... lol! I will think of you when you drink you coffee in the AM, while I'm drinking my tea 😉
          Even though your AM is my PM ... lol!!!

  4. Addiction is very difficult and to overcome it is very brave. Well done to you and your friend.

    1. I wonder if you ever really overcome it. I know that it hangs over me every day and when I hear my friend talk I can hear it at the back of his mind the whole time too. But thank you for the acknowledgement, it means so much.

  5. That is a very clever idea. I am sure you are now hoping for a story from me. Let me think lol!

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