July 2021 Energy Update - Numerology & Astrology

29 June 2021
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Hello July! This month could be the one we have been waiting for, with a lightness that only the 3 numerology can bring. This energy of expression is also about our creativity and optimism. It is social and calls for us to embrace the human experience with all the senses we have. 

Through all the amazing sounding possibilities of this month’s number, it does boil down to choice and with that, we must reflect on the 5 (2+0+2+1) universal energy. As each numerological month comes around, it is always in alignment with the overall universal energy of the year. This year’s 5 has been calling for us to find the freedom of who we are authentically meant to be. Our power of choice to make the changes we need to live in fulfilment and joy is the consistent tug through the year. 

July could be a barometer month for anyone doing the conscious work and then figuring out how on track they really are. The 5 year and 3 month have similar aims, in navigating us towards authenticity. It is very much about everything that means expression to you. From your words to what you bring to life in the world – career, hobbies and creativity. It is also the expression of who we are in our circles and relationship and that level of authenticity may be sticky for many. What does it mean to live truly within our authenticity, not hiding behind any shadows that the ego wants to keep from the world? 

The other part of the energy is our physical ability to move through the world. Where I am in South Africa, Covid is running rampant again and socialising is the most dangerous thing to do. I then chat to friends in parts of the USA and Europe, where masks are optional and going out is feeling normal again. Travel restrictions are still around, and these are all 3 energy. If you don’t figure creative ways to be social and expressive into the world this month, you will not only be going against the grain of this month’s energy but that of the 5 energy too. Keep asking yourself what freedom looks like to you, in the creative way that you can bring it to reality. 

July and shadow work go hand in hand, with my support in guiding you through the shadow of your unconscious mindset and into your authenticity, where fulfilment and joy are waiting. The shadow work begins with a minimum of 4 sessions through the transformation coaching bundle, which is discounted from booking one coaching session at a time. If you would like to chat through the coaching before you commit to it with Jodene, book a complimentary 30-minute exploratory session.   

A reminder that we have retrograde planets through the month of July. Make sure to catch up on  Pluto Retrograde from April,   Saturn Retrograde  from May, and  Jupiter and Neptune  from June, as these planets give you the opportunity to reflect, reassess and realign with your conscious self, according to the influencer the planet has and we don’t want to miss out on opportunities for growth like that.  We can sigh a little bit of relief and Mercury is direct until later this year again. 

Last week I spoke about all things Saturn Explained - Transformation Through Astrology: How Saturn, its Retrograde and Your Saturn Return Impacts Your Life -  Blog PostYouTubeSpotify Podcast or Apple Podcast  

1st July is Last Quarter Moon in Aries. This fiery sign gives us an unusual boost of energy to kick of the 3 month and should have you feeling more momentum than usual around this phase of the moon. 

Dark/Balsamic Moon on the 6th of July is in Gemini, which is the essence of the number 3. These are the moment where I get to say, “look at how all of the universe lines up for us to co-create with it,” because we have 72 hours of reflection with the Gemini energy into what expression, creativity and our social world means to us. By the time the New Moon comes around, we should be ready to create newness in these places of life, therefore aligning perfectly with the 3 energy of the month. 

New Moon on the 9th of July is in Cancer and calls for new beginnings in all that is closest to our heart and what feels like home to us. With the influence of the 3 energy, it will undoubtedly be calling for you to return home to the authenticity of who you are. 

On the 23rd, Full Moon in Aquarius is even more of an alignment with the 3 energy of the month. The spotlight will be on our social circles and community, asking us to see where we need boundaries and how impartial and objective we can be in order to express ourselves and either gain or lose respect. 

If you haven’t downloaded the free eBook on Working the Moon Phases to Manifest the Life you Want, then give it a try and see how small cycles of 28 energetically aligned days of the month move you from faraway goals, into intention and drives you to take action. 

 Our retrogrades aren’t done yet and on the 15th, it’s Chiron’s turn. This is another confirmation of the right time to be doing shadow work and transformation coaching, as the Wounded Healer gives you the opportunity to heal your deepest, lifelong wounds. 
If you missed it, I guided you through Chiron in a blog post to find your Chiron placement in your natal chart and have a glimpse into what your wound looks like. Watch on YouTube or listen on Spotify Podcast or Apple Podcast.

Although Jupiter has been in retrograde since 13th May, it moves back to Aquarius from Pisces on the 28th and will stay there until 28th December. The move takes us from the call to be introspective about our own worth and the impact we can make on ourselves. In Aquarius, introspection is about expanding our minds to see the outside world with fairness and impartiality. Tolerance of other people’s choices, or at least empathy that they are doing the best they can with the place their ego is at the moment, is the work during this time.  

The tarot is linked to July’s special of 15% off a tarot reading or past lives tarot reading until the 28th of July. I have worked with my cards for over 17 years and we are finely attuned to guiding you either through a current transit in your life or giving you insight as to what your ego sees when it looks into your subconscious and the memories of past lives, that could hold the key to the mystery of unresolved issues today.  
“If you have questions about where you are in life and what you need to face to make a change, a tarot reading with Jodene is what you need.” – Udi  

Stay brave  

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