June 2021 Energy Update - Numerology & Astrology

31 May 2021

How has the new energy of the numerological cycle treated you through May? Now that we have seen and hopefully acted on some of the places in our lives where we are ready to make changes, June brings us the 11/2 energy for the month. When a 2 energy stems from an 11, has a very different influence and we need to understand both the 11 & 2 to make the most of the month. 

11 is the universal number of mastering consciousness and trusting our intuition. Although we are born with the potential to be intuitive, it takes work and bravery to hear our bodies speak. It is important to point out that intuition has nothing to do with being spiritual and is different to being psychic or any of the claires (clairvoyant, clairsentient). The big debate of listening to your head or your heart is resolved when you build your relationship with yourself and trust your intuition. The process then becomes one where the rational mind won’t even enter into the process and your why will be felt and not have to be explained. This work will ensure that you have the clearest relationship with yourself, which is the ultimate partnership we should be working towards. While many numbers need us to look outside of ourselves, the 11 is about our relationship within us. Our world, from the partnership we have between our mind and body, to ego and soul and our humanness with Spirit/All That Is. 

The 2 energy leads from the deeply intimate partnership within ourselves to those relationships with other people. This energy is not about community work, but one on one relationships. Those people who make up true partners in different areas of our lives. Duality and the fairness of energy exchange are important to feel when we are immersed in this number.  Many people praise themselves for having the quality of adaptability, cooperation, and sensitivity to others’ needs but are often not seeing how this offsets their integrity with themselves. As this year’s 5 energy is giving us the opportunity to expand our vision of ourselves, this month will hold up the mirror for you to see if you are truly balanced in your relating. All aspects of the equal flow of energy from communication, compassion, physical and emotional intimacy, honesty, trust … the list is endless, will be in the spotlight this month. Don’t miss the little corners of darkness where you haven’t shone the light and may be the one not giving as much as the other who is doing their best to meet you halfway. 

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Let’s dive into the astrology for the month with a reminder that we have two planets that went retrograde last month: Mercury until 23 June and Saturn until 11 October. If you missed the May Energy Update, you will find all the details on these two retrogrades. However, we can’t forget that Pluto went retrograde in April of this year and you can read about it in the April Energy Update to understand its impact on us. Hold onto your horses and keep reading, because two more planets go retrograde this month. 

Let’s check in with the moon phases, starting with the Last Quarter Moon in Pisces on the 2nd. This moon phase always gives us the opportunity to have a last look at what we went through during the lunar cycle that started on New Moon on 11th May. The Pisces influence always heightens our sensitivity to our intuition, which has been played down through many of the other Pisces traits. Our intuition is vital because this is how we hear the messages of our most rational, conscious, and calm selves. Through our intuition, we hear the direction we are called to take for us to reach our highest potential and live our most joyous life. During this phase, worry less about the to-do list and more about how you feel about the things you have set out to do and be. 

Balsamic/Dark Moon on the 6th in Taurus is the 72 hours before New Moon when the moon is the darkest. This is also when it calls for us to go inward and feel more than we think. It seems easier said than done, so the Taurus energy should be taken advantage of because of the nature it brings out in us. Taurus naturally slows us down and wants us to stop the mental push with the conscious choice to do so. That big bull lying in the sun and chewing on blades of grass – give yourself the gift to be like that for a bit. If you can’t bring yourself to do it, therein lies some of the shadow work your soul is calling for you to see. 

We are in the middle of a spree of intense moon phases, with this New Moon on the 10th in Gemini adding to its usual impact by lining up with a solar eclipse. When the sun is hidden during an eclipse, we are called to see through the disguises of ourselves and others. This is more opportunity (or resistance) to see the authenticity of ourselves or others. Gemini will want it to play out in the way communicate and because it is in the numerological energy of the 11/2, make sure you add honest and brave conversations with those people who are your partners onto your New Moon list. 

Libra First Quarter Moon on the 18th is the heightened time to see what partnership feels like for you because Libra is about you and your others. If you’re trying to figure out what to look for to see if you are being authentic in your partnerships, then see where you are needing to be diplomatic, keep the peace, and feel indecisive. Listen out for where others may be skirting around their authenticity because of your imbalance within your relationship with yourself. 

The 24th is the Full Moon in Sagittarius, with the spotlight on partnerships in most probably the harshest light. Sagittarius has the ability to call us out when we are being idealistic and overly optimistic. Honesty with yourself and others is vital at this time. 

If you are curious about the impact the moon has on you, here are references for you to download the free eBook on Working with Moon Phases to Manifest the Life You Want and record the moon phase dates in your diary. 

Let’s talk about the additional retrogrades that are going to add to our need to reflect, reassess and realign ourselves with our truest self. This is always what a retrograde is calling to do and by the end of June, we will have 4 planets in retrograde. For a couple of days, between the 20th and 23rd, we will have 5 planets until Mercury goes direct. Don’t be so quick to think we are done with the call for us to slow down and assess the way we communicate into the world because Mercury is still in its shadow through to the end of June. 

Jupiter Retrograde on the 20th shifts the energy of this planet that is usually focused outwardly on expansion and growth into the call for us to go inwards. The theme does not change, but while this planet is retrograde it gives us the opportunity to find our worth and do the internal work to know we are capable of creating great things for ourselves and others in our lifetime. By the time Jupiter goes direct again, we should have fuelled ourselves with so much worthiness that we are ready to step into the world and expand our vision into reality. 

On the 25th Neptune goes Retrograde and while it governs our dreams and ideal and the way we turn our imagination to reality, it does something very different to us during retrograde. For just over 5 months Neptune will have a pull for us to deeply introspect and ask ourselves if we are on track with our deepest desires. It is important to not get caught up in always chasing a greater purpose, and this time to reflect and reassess is going to work us until we realise the places in our lives where we are purposeful and do add value. Neptune has a way of placing our fears in the spotlight, for us to see what is holding us back from those dreams and desires that we are deserving to bring to life. 

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