Just call me Sneezy - project me day 829

10 April 2012

Don't bother saying, "bless you!" until I've finished sneezing. That could be anything between 2 and 15 sneezes in a row ... and I'm having a horrid time.

Everyone around me seems to be dealing with the change of season pretty well, by me, I've totally fallen over. I even wake myself sneezing and because I also wake up usually needing to go to the little girl's room ... it's not the best idea to wake up with a sneeze.

When I put my back out, the doc gave me morphine and told me that should take the pain away and knock me out for a while, well he may as well have given me smarties because they didn't touch sides. But if you give me an anti histamine I'll be a zombie for about 29.5 hours. With that option out for the day, I literally have to chase after my runny nose, say "no" to ever second?person who asks if I'm sick, deal with the washed out and red nose look and grin and bare/bear it!

On the upside ... I'm a big lover of winter and can't wait for the soup on the stove, cuddles with kitties and my man ... my warm jimmy jams and puffy Tiger slippers 🙂

2 comments on “Just call me Sneezy - project me day 829”

  1. Just remember to say "pika" before you sneeze 😉

    Change of season is usually rough. Feels like I've had a cold for weeks now. On the upside, despite me hating winter, at least my cats are far more cuddly now. 🙂

    Tigger slippers?! 🙂 I've only got a Tigger sock for my phone. Did have Snoopy slippers mind you.
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    1. Can you believe, I'm still sneezing!!!!
      And as for the Tigger slippers ... well it really does complete winter!

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