Just for today - project me day 221

10 August 2010

Today I'm battling to blog so bear with me.
It's horrible to say that today I'm pissed off at the Universe. I can't believe that it's not good enough to do a whole lot of brave things ... no, Miss Universe has to throw a whole lot of obstacles in the way and today I feel that it's totally unfair.

For a non believer in any external force that has control over my day and for someone who knows that my God, Goddess and all that is, is me ... what do I do with a day like today?
There's no one to blame, no one to turn to and no one to drop to my knees and pray to. The irony is that I pray all day and 'drop' to my knees just as often ... I just know that it's all the power of me!

Today, however, I wish that I was born into a different faith and I wish I was born in a different place ... more to the point, I wish that one of my most favourite country songs was more than just words today.
Jesus take the wheel is totally ironic (I know, second time I've said ironic in about two breaths) because I'm this born-Jewish, turned pagan girl, who now has beliefs that don't really fit into a box at all and just for today I wish that I would throw my hands in the air and believe it's all taken care of.

Greggie always giggles at my love for this song for that very reason ... it's so far from what I believe although I respect anyone who has such an amazingly beautiful relationship with Jesus. In?Judaism?we are taught not but I'm far too?independent and wanting to not have know him ... yet ... I'm also far too?entrenched?in my beautiful beliefs and faith in my path to know that he would dare allow me to just let go ... even if it were just for today.

11 comments on “Just for today - project me day 221”

  1. Hugs my dear.

    I was raised in the Church of Christ, a nondinominational church, but never fit in. I've researched Wicca and found it the most beautiful religion I've come across so far. But because of all the weird hangups I have with what I was taught growing up, I can't seem to fit in anywhere.

    I believe what I believe, and respect others who believe differently, even when they can't do the same. I believe there is someone/something bigger and mightier than anything we've ever known. I think that is what one's journey to religion is. To learn the different forms and teachings so you get the best understanding you possibly can. To find what's best for you. <3

    1. I think one of the toughest things to do is settle into your own beliefs as you grow older. I know I didn't choose the simplest of paths but it most certainly is the most beautiful one for me and I'm lucky that every around me loves and respects my views. I think it's because I'm so tolerant and accepting of what anyone believes that it makes it easier for people to be tolerant of me! ... at least I hope so 😉

      1. I think most folk have the problem of settling into their own beliefs. Those that don't have that problem simply haven't questioned things and are being lead along blindly.

        Heck most folk don't believe me that I'm an ordained minister 😉 believe it or not... I can actually marry people (in most of the States at least). But the closest I usually come to god is the cursing that goes on at Telkom. 😀

        Taking the easy path... hows that story go? It is the narrow and rock path that you really should be following 😉

        You know, life's not fair, but once in a while it's also not fair in your favour. Hang in there.
        My recent post Bohemian Rhapsody

          1. Yep... believe it or not. Not registered in SA though. But have a friend who is so should be able to get the papers done.

            Then again... lets just go to Texas, find said cowboy and pick a spot over there 😉
            My recent post Bohemian Rhapsody

          2. You see, you fit right into my fantasies ... tee hee!!
            I'm hoping you'll be finding that cowgirl and we can double date under the Texan sun! Can one marry themselves though?? 😉

    2. Well, personally I think all religion comes from the same point, pity they all tend to miss it far too often. Guess Bill and Ted said it best, "Be excellent to each other." The rest really is details, a pity so many are so fixated on the details.

      1. Yes, it is always all the detail in the middle that confuses everything. I must say that I live by two simple rules in life ... harm to none and whatever you do comes back ten fold. With that I don't think we need much else 😉

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