Just have fun - project me day 637

3 October 2011
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I woke up this morning and really had the blues after such a special weekend with Mr Unexpected. Nothing in particular made it special ... well, that's not exactly true *blush*, but the reality was a week starting with no laptop (yes, I'm still on about that) and no people for my Tuesday Social Media breakfast.

I let him out and climbed back into bed for my daily meditation. I'm working with dragon energy at the moment and saying a mantra to awaken the dragon energy within. So I closed by eyes and imagined myself lying on the floor, in the fetus position, with a dragon shadowing me with her wing. I fell fast asleep and in my dream all I heard was this dragon?continuously?telling me to have fun.
"The journey of life is fun, now go have it!"

That was my?mission?... too make my day fun, which was an interesting challenge right now.

My day was long, frustrating and tiring so I decided to make Mr Unexpected and myself a yummy (fattening) dinner ... potato bake smothered in savory mince. Then it's climbing into bed and watching TV until my brain stops churning and it's time to sleep!

PS ... I hope I still sound as though I'm on the 'project me' path because I haven't jumped off the coffee table as yet and I'm still going to meetings, making business plans, dreaming forward and talking to dragons!!!

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