Just keep swimming - project me day 467

12 April 2011

Where to begin? The day started with a wake up call of no electricity, a phone call to say that the deck of cards had crumbled and a feeling of not knowing what to do next.

I have to be very careful not to slip into one of my most dangerous patterns and put everyone before myself, but right now I get the feeling that if I don't hold a lit of it together then it will be to my own detriment.

I'm fighting forward and don't feel as though I'm not going to get through it all, but it really does feel as though the flood gates are open. So what does one do when we see the tide rise and feel as though we are going to get swept away it?
I say it often and don't think I've loved a character in a movie or couple of moments in Finding Nemo, that still carries me through many crazy moments in my life. There are mountains of quotes, advice and gurus who give us messages in times of need ... and then there's Dory:

4 comments on “Just keep swimming - project me day 467”

  1. HAng in there. I just found out that the job I just got cant give me full time because the resident census is low....I'm the new gal on the totem pole at work and there are others not getting shifts...who is gonna get the shifts there? People who have been there longer. I'm on the lookout for something better.
    I applied to the hospital for a MA (med assistant position) they called me for a phone screening. Hope I make the team interview by the end of the week....
    But everyone is having their ups and downs lately...
    And I love Dory...
    Just keep swimming just keep swimming...

    1. Wow, there's been a lot going on hun! Lots of luck with the job hunting. I guess we have to accept the systems of the world, but then it only gives us more opportunity to find what is better for us.
      I've never clung to anything more than Dory and here message to Just keep swimming ...

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