Just letting it go - project me day 295

23 October 2010

Quick blog because even though I have spent the whole day resting my body is sore. I think it's sore from the resting and it's craving movement, activity and sunlight ... but I'm going out with Greggie's family tomorrow and seeing the orthopedic doc on Monday, so I'm just letting it go! Not gonna get all uptight when I have things to look forward to ... right?

Our precious friend, Irvin, invited Greggie and I to join him at the beach in November. Here I wanted a friend with a pool and a little bit of sunlight and I scored myself the whole sea ... so I have something to look forward to and letting the rest go.

My software for the speech recognition hasn't arrived yet, even though I paid for fast delivery but I have years of writing ahead of me and so I'm letting that go too. Okay, I'm as frustrated as hell and it's not the same to jot down notes to remember or record myself talking because I'm not that kind of writer ... but hey, just letting that go!

I called the guy from the dating site who Greggie had a giggle about. You know, the one who is all outdoorsie and I'm not. Well he was at a Christian weekend away, which is perfect, yet I don't know how he would take it if I told him I have been feeling a little off today and then I felt it in my bones that it was full moon. Um ... it is full moon and this Pagan girl things I should be letting this one go. Well if my family who love me unconditionally looked at me funny ...

I tried to get back on the dating bus again today and the first thing the guy asks me is if I have skype. Cool enough ... but that was the lead up to him asking me if I wanted to watch him on cam! Oh boy ... so I'm letting that go for a while too and having faith that the time will be right ?when the time is right.

Oh and I have been trying to catch up the missed day that I lost on the blog for far too long now ... so I'm letting it go! Yep, the blog is officially missing day 294 even if my life didn't!

Feels great to let it all go but now I have to let go of the way I'm feeling and that includes a bath (hopefully my body will allow it to be pain free) and a little full moon meditation that I haven't done in far too many months ... but I'm just going to be kind to myself and pick up from where I left off some full moons ago!

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