The kitchen table post for Blog every day in May - Project Me post 1014

7 May 2014

Everything is always in perfect timing. It took a long time for me to truly get my head around that, in all my spiritual quests for the meaning of life. Sometimes it's a serious response, which helps me get through trying time, and on other days it's the perfect reminder of an exciting and special life lived.

It's election day in South Africa. That's not the point of this post, but it is a day that's declared a public holiday (of sorts). Voting done first thing this morning, I've had a lovely day being on Aunty Duty and tonight I'm off to the theatre for some comedy.

However, the blogging question today is, where are you blogging from?
One of my most favourite spots ... the kitchen table.
I don't really have a kitchen table, but I do have a beautiful home. It's a flat that's attached to my big sister's home. I love my little space (which isn't so little, considering) but I have found a special place upstairs, living among my big sister and my gorgeous twin nephews.

When I decided to make the move, I had decided that I would be a tenant, who used my own entrance and ate alone on my couch. I decided that it was a sensible move, but I had rule and I had boundaries. Rules ... sometimes silly things!

A little bit of chaos and adjustment to my new way of living kept me upstairs, for what I imaged being very brief, as I got settled in. Little did I realise that settling in would mean finding my place on the couch and at the kitchen table.

I'm blessed, that along my #projectme journey, I have had written my posts in many different locations and destinations, but for today ... when voting about what happens to my country ... I find myself simply posting my blog from a happy kitchen table!

2 comments on “The kitchen table post for Blog every day in May - Project Me post 1014”

  1. Isn't the kitchen table so comfy? It's calming and comforting. I work a lot from mine too

    1. There's something about knowing that the kettle and a cup of tea is only a few steps away 😉

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