Know when to quit - project me day 788

28 February 2012

Since #FollowSA and the?awareness?that people have on my following, I'm often DM'd and asked to Tweet or Tweet, take a peak at something or offer my assistance with something else. I'm always more than happy to do the once over and it takes nothing for me to Retweet as long as I know I'm dealing with someone who understands that socialising online is a two way street.

There's a downside to my day today because even though we landed a new client and had a successful meeting filled with potential ... I'm getting tired of potentials of meetings without a financially booming end result and I want to be working so much more with so many more hours to spare on clients.

This is where I value partnerships because my down days are always coupled with Greggie's looking on the bright side of life and spurring me on. It's an interesting life lesson to have to learn to turn success and respect into financial gain. If we measure ourselves against so many benchmarks then we are wealthy beyond words, but the lesson of money seems to be a life choice of mine that I'm not finished dealing with. I blame the 8 in my life path ... it's extreme! I'm waiting for the extreme wealthy because I've done the down side.

In the yo-yo of the mixed feeling that made up today, I found myself wavering between worthy work and aimless things to occupy my mind. One of the less important things was an email I received with a personality test. Well, that was sure to pass the time. The emails always begin with the offering that is unique to everyone else and with my mind half down the drain, I was falling for anything.

If there's a light at the end of the tunnel, it wasn't in the questionnaire and close to 30 questions later I was hearing the voice in my head scream for me to 'quit'! I'm not a quitter, is what I kept telling myself. Now this free survey was going to tell me something that I didn't already know about myself? A few questions on and some tricky maths ones got me thinking, 'it's not like they are going to tell me I suck at maths because I know that'. ?The drive to not quit kept me going for a few more until I realised that I was hardly even reading the questions and the long, drawn out free tool, would be completely?innumerate. 'How did I know that?' was the next question that played on my mind just before I hit the 40th question.

Answer ... because I know myself well enough. I haven't been project me'ing my life for over 8 years to not know when I know that there's very little you can tell me about me that I don't know. Mostly, to when to quit and no to quit.

The irony of pressing the exit button and aborting the questionnaire, that I should have quit ages ago, was the reminder of why I was doing it in the first place. Today I could have quit. To be honest, it's Tuesday night and Greggie, mom, Pat and I get together for feelings night and I know I'm going to shed some tears and say I wish I could quit, but I know I'm not ready. I know that no fibre of my being wants to.
It's not like we are going to sit down and discuss other option for my life if had to choose to quit, because that's not on the cards but it doesn't take away from the frustration of waking up each day and doing your utmost to monitise you dreams. You know what ... that's why so many do quit and why those who don't write a book about it!!!

2 comments on “Know when to quit - project me day 788”

  1. There are times when I feel frustrated... and then I stop and go back to being awesome. True story. 😉

    I'm still not getting this whole "socialising online" thing (okay, so I'm online all day and I'm socialising) but it's never been about numbers, if there's nothing coming back... who cares. Mostly I just do what makes me happy and pretty much leave out the rest. Sholdn't really hold the whole world to your standard of anything because you'll most likely just be dissapointed more often than pleasantly surprised. It's amazing how powerful it is to just do the whole, "Wat eva!" thing and just move on.

    And... it's not always quitting, sometimes dreams change, or you realise that it's not really what you wanted. The most difficult bit is knowing which is which really.

    Or as Heather would credit Hamlet for saying: "To thine own self be true." But we all know that Mel didn't say that, it was that Polonius guy that did. 😀
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    1. /That's the joy of choosing why we are online and I know in our awesomeness we get that we know which is which!
      PS ... still feeling awesome and not quitting 😉

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