Ladybugs, a dragon and a wolf - project me day 260

20 September 2010

Jo's back has taken her down and the drugs have made her delirious so this is Greggie writing yesterday's entry for her.

My dear friend is being a champ through all of this and sticking to her "Project Me" principles. She has put herself first, listened to her body and done what is necessary to help her body through this ordeal. She has endured extreme pain for days.

I was in the fortunate position of looking after Jo yesterday while her family celebrated her sister's birthday. We spent a special few hours on her bed together watching two of our favourite movies, Under the Tuscan Sun and Priscilla. The former had us in tears - special healing and cleansing tears. The underlying message really hit home: always follow your heart, no matter what your mind thinks. Oh, and then there is the beautiful analogy of hunting ladybugs, then giving up and falling asleep in the grass only to wake covered in them. Ladybugs and villas in Tuscany, a dragon and a wolf: these are what carry Jo through times like this...and you, of course.

We're ready to go buy our proverbial villa in Tuscany but we've just got to get past the appointment with the orthopaedic surgeon first. 😉 We'll update you after.

6 comments on “Ladybugs, a dragon and a wolf - project me day 260”

  1. Priscilla... an alltime classic. 😀

    Sometimes we've just got to slow down, stop and even at times hand the reins to someone else (or let in a guest blogger).

    Let's hope the surgeon has a solution.


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