A late start but let's Blog every day in May - project me post 1009

3 May 2014

Over the past few days, I've been flipping through my and thinking, "that would make a great blog post!"

All grown up isn't as much fun as I thought it would be at times, and being too busy to blog has been getting the writer in me a little down in the dumps. Every night I'm tired and every morning I just want to lie in as late as I can, so my special blog has been suffering most of all.

I'm a big believer in signs.
I usually ignore the one that yells, "STOP!!" but the others I'm pretty good at paying attention at ... like a chat with my new Twitter friend, @gijane_zn?where she said she was taking up the challenge of blogging every day in May. Oooh ... I used to do that! Not just in May! I did that for nearly 3 years. Sometimes I think back on the time as if I were crazy. Other times, it feels like the sanest time of my life. For now ... all I know is it's a sign and I'm about to embark of #BlogEveryDayinMay.

Here's the catch up ...

Day 1, Thursday: Goal setting. ?What are your plans for today? ?(And/or this week? ?This month? ?This year?)
Amazing ... all of a sudden, my goals have seemed more solidified over the past few weeks. It started off as frustrating and feeling so far away, but with a little gratitude list, some perspective, a few glasses of wine, a seafood platter & my best friend to talk to for a few hours, I have plans ... for the week, the months ahead and this year!

Let's start with this week, because it's going to set the tone for the month, the year and the rest of my life.
I've finally found the most amazing assistant. My besties/business partner (Greggie) and I have decided that we need to make sure she's doing what she's best at and doesn't get bogged down in daily maintenance of client work ... so I'm starting to find an intern this week.

From there, I will have time to focus on expanding both the social media and project me side of our business.

Life's also not just about work, so this week there's going to be some ME time! My mom has gone to Turkey for 3 months and it's the start of me living on my own again and creating space for me and someone in my life. So tidying up, packing away and making space is very much a goal this week.

I'm also finding time to finally create my first e-book. The goal is to have my some content proof read and get myself writing the outline of what it means to live #projectme.

Not so bad for a few goals ...


Day 2, Friday:?What?s in your cup?

project me cup

This is the smoke and mirrors of my life, because I'm really sipping on a glass of crisp white wine, contemplating what red wine I'm going to switch to for the winter. That's really what's in my cup ... sipping on the winds of change.

I have a story of a cup. Many years ago, when I was one of my spiritual quests to find myself, I ended up with a healer who made me do constant visualisations of a cup. He made me imagine myself as filling myself with all my own love, happiness, healing, time and filling the cup for me. Once it was filled with me, it would easily overflow and only then could I give to others. Fill your own cup ...

I'm feeling like it's that time for me. Life is constant cycles, but we are never the same when we repeat patterns, so much wiser & self loving ... I'm in the cup!!! I'm filling myself all that I need, so that I have enough of the overflow to give to other.

And while I fill the cup, a warm winter red will be filling my glass!

Day 3, Saturday:?Write a Less/More list. ?(For example, less watching?- more dancing.)

Less letting the alarm clock on snooze - more jumping up and starting the day off
Less silence - more music
Less whatsapp - more calls to the people I adore
Less rushing around - more cruising in
Less home alone - more time with friends
Less bedtime with cats - more bedtime with cats and + 1
Less wine - more wine
Less worrying about certain humans around me - more focusing on special humans around me
Less uncertainly - more faith
Less NO - more YES

2 comments on “A late start but let's Blog every day in May - project me post 1009”

  1. Very nice Jodene! I love the 'Less More' section, I think I may put list like that together for myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Such a pleasure ... I'm still trying to get to the less stuff, but we are always a work in progress 😉

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