Lazy Sunday - project me day 342

12 December 2010

It's a completely lazy Sunday! One of those where you never get out of your jimmy jams.

It took mom and I two days to finish Law abiding citizen. We are love story chicks, not gruesome chop bodies up chicks. Gerard Butler is damn lucky he's so good looking!

Did I mention that I still have that nasty cough? I tried to leave it to just do it's own thing but had to surrender to cough mixture in the end. I haven't had that gross stuff since primary school me thinks!

Don't worry, I?compensated?...

Oh please don't tell me you don't eat peanut butter straight from the jar 😉

Don't think it wasn't a girlie Sunday ...

Okay, so I've seen Raising Helen more than once but I'm a sucker for the entire cast. Kate Hudson is one of my best girlie actresses. Who can't love Joan Cusack or only watch a movie with Helen Mirren once? And then ... there's John Corbett ... need I say more?

And ...

what's a lazy Sunday without ...

12 comments on “Lazy Sunday - project me day 342”

  1. Think you just started a list of my favourite things.

    No, I don't eat peanut butter out of the jar. I much prefer it on hot toast or with apricot jam. 🙂 different strokes and all that.

    Kate Hudson I could watch all day long. But who said any thing about acting? 😉

    Had plenty popcorn myself this whole weekend. Think it must form one of my basic food groups.


    1. Lol Robbie ... popcorn is a basic food group isn't it?
      I had peanut butter on hot toast for breakfast ... and of course there was my morning cup of tea 😉

  2. Nope, can't say I eat peanut butter from the jar. I much prefer it hot and melting over toast.

    I could watch Kate all day long, but not entirely for her acting. 😉 At least I'm honest.

    I ended up having popcorn for dinner... can't beat it. 😀

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