Let's Chat Archetypes

Do you have a completed archetypes wheel from a course with Lifeology or another teacher?

Would you like to mingle with other archetypes students to learn more about putting it to good use?

Then read on....

What are these sessions? 

We are arranging regular online meet-ups for anyone who has a completed archetypes wheel. You don't have to have done the course with Lifeology - we accommodate anyone and everyone. 

They are 2 hour informal sessions hosted by Greg and/or Jodene and will be scheduled at times that prove popular. Your selection in the form below will give us an idea of this. We will try to accommodate your timezone and time of day but we can't guarantee this will be possible.

What do they cost? 

They are completely FREE! If you love the sessions, we would love you to buy us a coffee or a little love, but there is no obligation to. 

How does it work? 

Sign up using the form below and we will let you know via email when the next session will be taking place by sending a meeting link. Simply decline it if you can't make it - choose the sessions that suit you. You can unsubscribe from this list at any time.

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