Let's turn project me into project we - project me day 357

23 December 2010

Sometimes I sit back and wonder what other people are doing at that moment. I even find myself wondering where the man that I am going to share my life with is at that very moment. I wonder if he will remember what he is doing at a specific moment and if I had to ask him a few years later. I do it with friends and sometimes with strangers. I've even found myself wondering what famous people are doing while I'm lying on the couch daydreaming.

Well, if you are wondering what I was doing today while you were running round doing last minute shopping or chilling in the summer sun or snuggling up in the winter snow, I was right here on my laptop. I was here bringing phase two of 'project me' to reality.

It's amazing, I was listening to Greggie explain to some friends about the journey of this blog the other night and he was talking about this simple concept that has grown into a blog that we are about to turn into a social network. What's that I say? Has 'project me' grown so big? Gulp ... ?I think it has 😉 ... And if not, I'm about to do exactly what I've done with the 'project me' blog, thanks to my friends, sponsors and obviously my incredible readers.

In January I shall share some stats and reminisce on the journey of 'project me' with you, but for today I'm so excited to announce that (if all runs smoothly) PROJECT ME COMMUNITY will be launching on January 1st. Wow, right?

Today I spent fiddling around the back end with the help of my amazing sponsor Bruce Young. He has watched me grow so much within the world of blogging and social networking that he did the basic set up and set me free in the back of an application that creates my very own social networking site. I can't begin to tell you how exciting and ... um ... well, crazy today has been. I managed to crash the whole back end and he managed to convince me that I could fix it all by my little self ... and I did! What an amazing feeling.

So, more about 'project me community'? Okay ... here's the idea!
You join the community and set up your profile, make friends and share your own 'project me' story. I could never have done this without being accountable to so many individuals and I would never ever have come so far had I not had so many people believe in me. I want everyone to have the same opportunity that I had. I want you to share you purposefulness and your dreams and aspirations. I want someone that also has a dream to inspire you to stay within your integrity, remind you to tell yourself the truth and help you see the pot of gold at the end of any crazy storm.

As for me and 'project me community'! I'm going to be there with you every step of the way. There will be groups divided into different life issues and situations. We are going to share our financial, relating, monetary, body issued and dream filled lives with each other and I am going to be there to guide you through what it takes to live 'project me'.

As I share this with you I am both ecstatic and petrified. I am both hopeful and fearful. I am both in a dream and a nightmare. I am both in 'project me' and 'project we'. (PS ... Robbie gets all credit for phrasing 'project we'!!!)

Honestly, my day started pretty bleak but that's the whole point of 'project me'. After an amazing conversation with my best friend and business partner, Mr Greg Arthur and once having poured my heart out to my mother and then again to Brucie, everything swung completely around. I got inspired by my partner, consoled by my mother and encouraged by my friend and sponsor. And in those moments of knowing what it means to have another person remind you of who you are and all that you can be ... in that very moment ... I set up 'PROJECT ME COMMUNITY'. I can't wait to be there for you as much as you have been there for me!

8 days to go ...

But ... only 2 days until Christmas and how could we ever forget Elvis! Here is his duet with Carrie Underwood ... I'll be home for Christmas

11 comments on “Let's turn project me into project we - project me day 357”

  1. WOOHOO I can't wait Jo, I CANNOT WAIT!! I'm so proud and happy for you of the success of your blog. You deserve it and so much more.

    My recent post Good gravy

    1. Thank you so so much my very dear friend! It's with support and encouragement like this I have the bravery to take this very big and bold step. Thank you again for sharing your life with the world too ... we are both very brave chicks and totally rock! I love you big time!

    1. Well I have the most brilliant partner to back up those brilliant ideas and make it a little less scary to face these brilliant/crazy ideas of mine ... lol!!! You are Mr Greg Arthur when it's all respect to you for sticking by me, inspiring me and loving me through all my 'project me' moments!

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