Life gets in the way - project me day 386

21 January 2011

I've seriously been trying to blog since 7am this morning. I don't have to defend myself and say I'm the glass half full girl so it's not like I need to slip into positive affirmation mode and cling to my dreams. Nothing has changed. My cup still runneth over with abundance and love. I don't even feel less positive or motivated. I can see it all in front of me but today I feel like I need to carry a fly swat around with me and keep whacking at all of life's obstacles that are clouding my day.

The beginning of the year seems so far away that I can't remember if I told you I get together with some friends and we do an annual tarot reading. No fortune telling but rather a better understanding of who we are and who we have the power to be in this year. Everything is neutral. There's no good or bad, but I can't get the picture of the tower card out of my head.

I literally have my home being broken down around me and with that comes a whole lot of other obstacles that seem to be clouding the momentum to move.

I have to speak my frustration before I go any further though. I'm not big on painting life with the rosy affirmation brush of denial. I also don't believe that seeing the truth of a situation and expressing it shows negativity if it's expressed correctly.
It's not like I'm saying "Oh woe is me, my life is falling down around me and it's all sucky and the Universe is picking on me!"

Yes, there is chaos around me but I know everything happens for a reason and I'm completely grateful, unafraid and living in the moment ... so stop?telling?me to be positive! ?Learn the difference between living in the truth and complaining and then we can chat.

What was I blogging about again? Oh right ... life getting in the way!

I'm trying to figure out whether I should spare you the minor details or whether I should just get to the 'project me' part of what I'm going to do to be conscious of this little tower card that will be hanging around for an entire year?

I'm going to do what I always do! I'm going to tell myself the truth and then tell everyone else. I will deal with the consequences of my thoughts and actions and make sure I carry tissues around because it usually brings about a tear or two. I'm going to remain in the incredible space of faith and fall back onto my addiction of food (with a little more consciousness and the help of the SlimLab tablets). Then I'm going to do what I do be - be me! Write when I want to, cry when I want to, sigh when I want to, complain when I want to, drink tea when I want to and fly away on dragons when I need to.

It's still a nowhere day, but I know that! I'm no less of the?magnificent?woman I am and no step back from the powerful dreams I have ... it's just a day where hammers, drills, loud generators, screaming builders, wedding plans, sibling rivalry, missing daddy, injured little nephews, sexual frustration, niggly back pain and blog glitches have all gotten in the way!

7 comments on “Life gets in the way - project me day 386”

  1. Ah... life, isn't that what happens while we're making other plans? No matter how sorted we think we are something will come along and throw it all up in the air. But as always, it's not what happens, but how we deal with it that really matters.

    Sometimes you've got to take things apart, break them down to the ground to be able to clear it away. Sometimes you've just got to take it apart, then slowly put it all back together, might be exactly the same but two things have usually taken place that you didn't even realise. Firstly, the pieces are a lot cleaner as you dust them off in the rebuild and secondly you've got a better understanding of how it all fits together.

    Forest Gump might have thought that life was a box of chocolates. It might be true that you never know what you're going to get. But life as a Lego set ensures that you can make anything of it. Just need a little imagination and the ability to put it back together.

    But hey... I'll take you up on the offer of "pink drinks" 🙂

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    1. That is beautiful Robbie! Thank you for that. I feel as though I needed that picture to be painted in my head to see it all a little clearer! You are, do and always will be an incredible voice in the back of my head that never lets me forget the awesomeness! Here's to building lego with pink drinks in hand!

  2. I am sorry about your impending move and how painful it is to let all that's familiar go. But now you have an entire new life/world to begin and it's all because of and thanks to this move. You rock, Jo, most people would be woe is me about this...I'd be, LOL.

    This is an emotional journey, no matter how positive you are. :* <3
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    1. Thank you for reminding me that it is a new journey for me and that it's filled with adventure no matter how stressful or scary. I seem to forget that sometimes! You are right, no matter how positive I push myself to be, this is a tough one 😉

      I haven't been online too much and can't wait to say hi to you and how everything is going with you! Miss you my friend 😉

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