Life has its own agenda - project me day 666

2 November 2011
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I'm not surprised I have a splitting headache or that I plan to be in bed and too tired to take advantage of my man, by 8:30pm. The thing that I am surprised about it just how much I've had to learn the lesson that life has it's own agenda.

I've never denied that some of my greatest lessons are that it's impossible to control the world around me. Of course, I do have those moments where I believe I'm truly that powerful. On the other hand, I totally believe that everything that happens around us is a manifestation of our thoughts and actions. Yet, on the other hand, I'm so being reminded that life truly does happen and we simply have to go with the flow.

Yesterday was Lifeology's second birthday and it was also our dear friend, Hustler Girl's special day too. Greggie and I had plans to celebrate our business's birthday with a day reflection, strategising and projecting. The only other plans we had were a special birthday lunch at our favourite, La Vie en Rose and buying Hustler Girl a present for her surprise birthday dinner later.

If I tell you that we didn't get one moment to sit down together, not even to relax and enjoy our special lunch or take time to shop for our dear friend. This move has turned out to be more chaotic than ever expected, Greggie's life is filled with his own life story, including car trouble and life's agenda took control.

Today was no different. I had an entire day planned and it entailed nothing more than not moving from my office desk to catch up on emails, Tweets and work that I haven't managed to get done since the realisation of the pending move. Once again, life took it's own course and the last fragments of the move had to be sorted, my mom needed help (which I never mind, but hate driving to places I don't know).

At some point I surrendered. I came to the realisation that life is an interesting lesson in itself and that sometimes I have to realise that I don't mastermind everything or cause chaos for a reason. Sometimes there is no great lesson in the mayhem of the world. Sometimes everyone's worlds collide and that is filled with life pulling us in each other's direction.


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