Life is too short to not have another stroll around the buffet table - project me day 844

25 April 2012

I would have called this post, 'you'll find them at the food table at funerals'. One of them thought it was fab and the other thought it a little?inappropriate, but the fact remains, the two men in my life have healthy appetites ... anywhere!

Years ago, when my friends and I were very young and hadn't been faced with death yet, a friend of our tragically passed away. We all gathered at his house, in a corner, and tried to keep the conversation quiet and somber. There's no place to laugh when someone has died, was the belief that all of us. Then someone did something ... I can't remember what it was, but we all started to giggled and then tried to 'shhhh'.
Then an elderly family friend came over, pulled up a chair and told us a story. She told of the day that Jesus was on the cross and while Mary was sitting at his feet crying, a?tortoise strolled past with a bandanna on his head. I doubt that story is going to be in the bible and to this day I don't know if she just made it up on the spot, but something changed in all of us. She taught us that laughter is there to ease the pain and from that day I've always been so aware of the 'tortoise' that crosses our path in tragic times.

Today, my best friend and my fiance where the reason that Hustler Girl, who buried her boyfriend's mom today, and I had a reason to giggle.
Greggie just loves food (good food) and Pat isn't allowed to eat Piggie in our house because we live with my mom and it's a Jewish thing. On top of that, the food after the service was?delicious?... so my men tucked in! ?I nibbled on my cheese sandwich and spoke to a friend outside, while they hovered around the table and ... tucked in! It was the sparkle in their eyes that had my dear friend and I giggling away and I watched her mood lighten and her heart smile.

I'm not one for 'the right thing to do' and watched a friend dare not crack a smile on far too many?occasions. I've watched another salivate over something yummy, but dare not take another helping. But then I've watched a friend bury someone she loves and realise that life's to short to not have that laugh or another stroll around the buffet table.

4 comments on “Life is too short to not have another stroll around the buffet table - project me day 844”

  1. Well... my brother and I ended up in hysterical fits of laughter at my grandfathers funeral. It was one of those jokes that you were either in on or not so was no point in trying to explain to anyone else why we were laughing. 😀

    Generally I've found that once the formality of a funeral is over, it's time to have a party. Mourn those who have passed, but also celebrate that they were. Life is pretty short, pour that other drink (but not if you're driving) and take another stroll round the buffet table. 🙂
    My recent post Army of Me

    1. I totally agree with you ... including the bit about not driving after funeral ... or is that the after party? Life is to be celebrated after all!

  2. so that is why there was absolutely nothing left for me to eat 😛 not even in the "kosher"section
    mwah for the post.

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