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20 September 2023
Protected: Creating Your Self-Worth List

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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9 June 2023
Do you want to figure out what gets you lost in the mist of Self-Doubt?

A project is nothing without time spent on it. It's not a quick fix and I know that because I live Project Me to this day. I'm not sharing it though ... and that is the fault of my lostness in the mist.

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26 January 2023
Why 2023 is Not the Year to Trust Predictions

Let me tell you the problem with predictions, especially in 2023. If you play too much into predictions then you take away the fundamental gift you were given as your birthright - the power to choose.

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11 January 2023
Don’t confuse bravery with fearlessness

At this time of year if you are setting out with the best intentions for yourself to tick off things on your bucket list, follow through on resolutions or turn dreams into reality.

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13 October 2022
The Foundation: To Do Something Different

To truly embrace the freedom of living moment to moment it is important to have a stable foundation. Before building or creating anything, we know how vital the setting of a foundation is. With a strong foundation, anything can be built upon it. Over the nearly 15 years of guiding, coaching, and mentoring in the […]

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13 October 2022
A Walk Through The Steps Of F.A.I.T.H

You can't fix your uncertainty, improve your self-esteem or bring about change in your life if you don't understand the workings of the mind.By the time people approach us for coaching or guidance they have usually tried different forms of self-help tools. Many have failed in creating the dreams they desired, the weight they wanted […]

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27 June 2022
A Simple Explanation for the Blind Spot to Your Unutilised Traits

As well as Podcast: Apple & Spotify, as I share Lifeology Teachings in all the places that my communicty finds me. I had an interesting conversation with a client who was not having it when I was saying these are your traits. There was great strength in them. I was showing her strong, assertive traits […]

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23 July 2020
Every Little Step is a Big Step

While working with my mentee yesterday and coaching her into braver steps each week, we had a moment where her waiting for my response to a question felt as though it needed a drumroll. After months, in her own good time, she took a brave step. It was one I was holding out for her […]

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10 September 2017
The Footprint of Resistance

It started as a potentially peaceful Sunday, even thought I knew I had to deal with a few work things. Being the passionate business woman I am, I don't mind weekend interactions, but I do mind when it tramples over my energetic space because people do not know what their footprints of resistance do. Amazingly, […]

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