Losing it - project me post 903

6 December 2012
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I've patiently been waiting for that point when I could feel that I'm not going to slip back into old patterns and have to start all over again a few months down the line. I can't say that I thought I was near that point for the last few months and have had a terrible time panicking that I'm going to pick up all the weight.

That point of no return hasn't seemed to have anything to do with the numbers dropping off the scale and as I head towards 12kg less, I thought I would have been at that point ages ago. Amazingly, I got stuck on that 11kg mark for almost 8 weeks and felt my eating slowly slip backwards. We know I've never been a fan of training so that was easy to let fall by the wayside.

Honestly, it took me a while to figure out that the route I had chose wasn't the smartest one and despite losing the weight, it's not sustainable to live on about 5 items of food. For months I wasn't eating any fruit or having any dairy and even my beloved tea was a no-no. I was supposed to be training 5 times a week and 3 times is already a push for me, so the first sign of weakness and I just couldn't face one more piece of fish or bowl of oats.

My little sis has been a huge inspiration to me as she started simply counting calories with this incredible calorie counting app on her mobile. I thought I'd never manage to log my food daily, but it's easy as pie (low cal pie ;p) and I've become so conscious of what's a smart thing to eat and what not. I still have the nagging advice that I need to train more, eat out less and things that just don't go with my lifestyle, so I decided to do it my way.

Not looking too shabby for a gal who is still enjoying her tea with milk, orange squeezed over her salad, odd bacon breakfast with my guy and?spaghetti bolognese.
Of all the things I've changed, I've mainly cut out breads, eating too much starch at night (maybe once a week), changed to sweet stuff for diabetics and mostly ... I've watched my portion size.
As for gym ... we are still trying to get?acquainted?so I go when I can but give it sticks for my 35 minutes. Who knows, I might be running a marathon one day, but for now at least I'm getting my butt there often enough.

I know ... I'm a trainers worst nightmare but my own best friend!

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