Lost Spaceballs but found Nemo - project me day 472

17 April 2011

It's Sunday and winter is heading in so I'm in one of my favourite spaces where I get to cook for my friends ... yay! There will be a lot of that and I might even share a few recipes along the way.

There is something magical about winter for me even though I do bitch and moan about the cold quite a bit. Ok ... a lot! So Tigger slippers are out, winter jimmy jams are at the front of the cupboard and the extra thick duvet is on the bed.

I'm not the best red wine drinker but I put my big girl panties on for winter and slowly drink my way in ... all starting with Friday night 's glass and a half and a Saturday of anticipation for cheesy pizza, cheesy movies and the settlling in of winter wine.

Nothing ever goes as planned, even when big announcements are splashed all over Twitter and Facebook. I think my most favoured 'project me' moment that I discovered last night is that I don't handle?disappointment?as badly as I thought. I was far less dramatic when we realised that the Spaceballs disk was not?actually?in the box. Well, disk two was there but that has all the makings of the movies and not the movie itself. Sigh ... what is a Spaceballs and pizza movie night without Spaceballs. It turns into a search to find Nemo.
There sat 3 grown-ups with pizza, wine and one of the funniest and lesson filled Disney movies of all time.

You are never too old for Disney and certainly never too young to understand the messages of bravery and courage from a little orange fish and a certain Dory.

Between work, men and friends I am battling a little with staying within my own boundaries and putting myself first. These things have ?a knack for making me question my own choices and reminding myself that the whole point of 'project me' is to do only what is good for me and not let anyone shake my foundation of knowing.
I had this very discussion with someone on Twitter last night and although he loved my responses to his curious questions he did tell me that learning to know one's self if the most daunting of choices. He said he was sure that it was because people were afraid of what they would find and I don't think we would find anything less than the full potential of who we truly are ... if a little blue fish can do it, then why can't we?

4 comments on “Lost Spaceballs but found Nemo - project me day 472”

  1. Oh NO!! the Schwartz?! Where did it go?

    Besides... only one man would dare give me the raspberry!! Lonestar!! hehehehe... Love that movie.

    There are few instances in life that you can't solve with a Disney movie... and heck I'm willing to take that challenge. 😀

    Some of my all time favourites include Ariel, Belle (she's a looker 😉 ) Marlon, Woody & Buzz... heck, the list can go on forever. Guess the best thing is that despite them being in technicolor we can still relate quite closely to them.

    But for now we'll just keep on swimming... to infinity and beyond

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    1. Haven't seen Spaceballs in years so I am going to hound the friend for the rematch 😉
      I always find the Disney characters so much more believable than any other movie star 😉

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