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9 May 2014
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What do you love on a Friday?

It took me a while to think about the things that separate the days for me. I must admit that I could be in a much better space of Libran balance because it's far too much about work (which is my passion) and not enough about the things that would distinguish one day from the next.

I don't have a Monday coffee date or Wednesday dance class. I'm mentioning those because I want them, oh so badly.

So, what I love on a Friday is more of what I want to love of a Friday ...


Switching the alarm off for the whole weekend.

Climbing into bed with wine (I do that), my cats (do that too) and a book (okay, I totally crave doing that).

On the other hand, not climbing into bed and going out with friends for dinner, without being rushed or exhausted

A manicure & pedicure ... every Friday! Truly that would be love ...

These daily posts have been so great for my reminder of what Project Me is all about and I'm taking steps (little ones) to make the changes I need so that I can have the career and the life, in perfect balance. This one ... What I love of a Friday ... has set the tone for something I want to love and look forward to every day of the week.

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