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19 October 2012
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The one thing I love about being a girl is that instinctive gene that gets us sharing our relationship ups and downs with the other special girls in our lives. There is something very calming about realising that your friends out there are going through very similar things that you are. It seems to make some things more normal when we discover that every man out there always or mostly always does something just as confusing or annoying.

I'm learning just how tough love can be. I'm also learning to deal with the things that are worth fighting about and trying to understand the things that are just plain drama. I haven't ever denied that I'm full of drama and I'm not surprised that it plays out in this great love affair of mine.

I find great compliment and comfort in everyone seeing how well Pat and I are suited and how no one is surprised that we have nothing in common, yet we make it work. But, there are the tougher parts of the relationship, like me having to adjust to the realisation that my man's career is based on weekend and late night work. I'm so proud of Pat as a photographer and it's par for the course that working hours would be like this, so I'm trying to get us to find the balance and savour the moments we have together.

That's when I started talking to Sammy who has a similar situation with her guy working odd hours too. I ended up sharing a song with her that helps me always keep it in?perspective and understand that it's the little things that make it feels as though it's going to last forever, even when it feels like it could fall apart. That's the point I remember the things that make us such a special couple and a truly winning team. It's called "love her like she's leaving" ...


We cut the cake, everybody danced, and some people drank too much.
You looked like the cover, of a bride's magazine, and I looked like some guy in a tux.
I'll never forget, when your Uncle Bill, pulled up a chair and sat down,
And said "Son I've been married now 45 years, " and he pointed at you through the crowd,

And said

"Love her like she's leaving,
Like it's all gonna to end, if you don't.
Love her like she's leaving,
Oh and I guarantee, she won't."

He said "It's sending her flowers, for no reason at all. And notes on the fridge every day.
An unexpected gift, at an unexpected time, that keeps the lawyers away.
And it's easy to take forever for granted, with tin cans tied to your car.
And I know she tells you that she'll always be there, but I'm telling you if you're smart, "

"You'll love her like she's leaving,
Like all it's gonna to end, if you don't.
Love her like she's leaving,
Oh and I guarantee, she won't."

"Yeah, she could have any man she wants, you know it's true.
Best way to keep her, is to keep her wanting you."

"Love her like she's leaving
Oh and I guarantee she won't."

"Yeah, I guarantee she won't."

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