Love stories are just like the movies - project me day 651

17 October 2011

Every day I share my 'project me' story and try share with the world what it is like to stay focused, true to oneself and conquer our fears. Today, I realised that I need to get some of what I give in a few areas of my life and I've embarked on some personal coaching. More about that in the days that follow, because today I want to share a love story that is a reminder to me of just how powerful one's project me story can be.

My friend E was madly in love with him the moment they set eyes on each other. It was clear as a flawless crystal ball that he felt the same way. She is your heartfelt SA girl and he is a visitor in this pretty country of ours. He is a traveling man and always made it clear to her that his heart would be wherever it landed and that attachment and marriage didn't fall into his vocabulary.

I could see from every kiss, tear and accepting word, that she was dying inside but prepared herself to let him go whenever the time came. Some days I saw her clinging to hope with fearless abandon and other days I saw her let him go with ease and wait for the day that he packed his bags and moved on to where the wind took him. My heart broke for my friend and now that I am in love, the thought of having to let my man go if he told me he was a traveling man, well I think I would feel as though the world were coming to an end.

He did it. He dug into the depths of his being and he realised that he was a traveling man and that, no matter how much he loved her, it was time to move on. She occupied herself with her work and her home. She poured her love into her precious little dog and she respected his wishes because of her eternal love for him.
I believe that she came to peace with his leaving and I think that is the greatest lesson I received from my friend, E, living her project me story. She loved him enough to respect his wishes and she loved herself enough to move on.

Faith ...
I wonder if a part of both of them knew that the separation would be the very thing that sealed their love? I wonder if it was so left field for him that he still finds himself horrified at the events that followed.
He loves her ... that has been clear from the day they set eyes on each other.
He doesn't want to live his life without her ... well that he didn't see coming. It this where the script of a Hollywood movie we would say we know the ending because it is so predictable. I think we predict it in movies, but do we see the fairytale ending in the real life stories that I friends live before our eyes?

Today I did ...
Today when she wrote to me to tell me he had returned to South Africa to tell her how much he loves her.
Today, when he took her skydiving and jumped first only to be waiting on he bended knee at the bottom for her.
Today, when he had a banner made that she would see on the ground and she fell through the sky and into the arms of the man she dared love and dared let go ... only to love again!

I needed this lesson today. It might not have to be about love, because I have found a very precious one. I still needed the lesson ... that sometimes life is that unreal or predictable that it's just like in the movies or novel that has a predictable happy ending.

That's my greatest realisation of it all. If we truly are that powerful then all we need to do is have the faith to write the story that ends in ... and they lived happily ever after.

A very special congrats to my friends E and Swiss for jumping into love, jumping out of their comfort zones and then jumping out of a plane to spend the rest of their lives together ...


3 comments on “Love stories are just like the movies - project me day 651”

  1. Jumping out of a plane is the easy bit... it's the landing that makes it a little more complicated 😉

    We all have to believe in a "happily ever after" or what's the point? Hey, even ogres need a happily ever after, even if you have to get to a land far away to realise that the swamp back home is where you really belong.

    Then again, the "happily ever after" isn't really "THE END" but rather... The beginning. But that's a whole other tale 😀
    My recent post Clarity

    1. I keep telling Mr Unexpected that jumping out a plane and my gammy back just don't go hand in hand ;p
      Indeed, the end truly is just the beginning!

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