Love this, hate that - project me day 376

11 January 2011

I did a search on my blog to see if I had use this title before but I've used the word LOVE so many times that it was a pointless exercise ... LOVE THIS!

Going back to Dan for some?aggressive body stress release treatments because my back is getting too sore to work again ... getting nervous ... HATE THAT!

Had an awesome blogging week and feel part of an awesome community all of a sudden ... LOVE THIS!

Still battling to get us SA bloggers to be open about following on Twitter and commenting and so my international following grows while I really want my SA friends to jump onboard ... HATE THAT!

The year has started off with a bang work-wise and I'm so proud of my incredible business partner, Greg Arthur (yep, that's my Greggie) for the rocking way it's all begun ... LOVE THIS!

I, on the other hand, have hit a low self esteem wobble and my nasty brain is trying to convince me that I'm not as productive and all codependent on him ... HATE THAT!

I have finally settled into an understanding with food though ... getting to grips with quantity thanks to the help of the Weight Watchers concept ... LOVE THIS!

I don't feel as though I've lost anything and I'm hitting back into my 'mean to me when I'm trying my hardest' mode ... HATE THAT!

I am recognising the signs and consciously being nice to me. (Just in case Niel is reading and is ready to call me and tell me to get positive ... onto it my friend!) ... LOVE THIS!

I think this blog is cheesy ... HATE THAT!

But doing it anyway ... LOVE THIS!

Hair dude cancelled for Monday so I'm still blonde ... HATE THAT!

Rescheduled for closer to my sis's wedding so I will be bright and shiny for then. Good thinking sparky ... LOVE THIS!

My roots are totally showing ... HATE THAT!

Decided to paint my nails different colours this year (even though Greggie and Twinkletoes have turned their nose up so far) ... LOVE THIS!

It keeps chipping and I can't paint my nails to save my own life or anyone else's ... HATE THAT!

Focused on making money this year ... just by doing what I love ... LOVE THIS!

Don't know where to start today ... HATE THAT!

So I'm drinking tea and blogging while chatting to some peeps on Facebook and Tweeting nonsense ... LOVE THIS!

While feeling totally unproductive ... HATE THAT!

But never fear, Greggie is coming to have some lunch before we go to see Dan ... LOVE THIS!

There's actually no part of me that hates ... there's only the girl who knows that everything is an opportunity and a 'project me' moment! It's good to have a little rant every once in a while, but now the smile is back on, the blog is still cheesy and lunch is only a few moments away ... LOVE IT ... ALL OF IT!

PS ... a bit thanks goes out to my daily blogging friend Ms. Girl who wasn't even trying, but helped me save a huge dilemma on The Project Me Community that needed to fly stealth until I figured on little detail out ... all credit to you Ms. we had a brainstorming session and you didn't even know it! "Project J" ... you rock!

9 comments on “Love this, hate that - project me day 376”

  1. i agree with Angel. We all have love hate things.
    I love the fact that I get so many books all the time.
    I hate the fact I feel like I don't have enough time to read then. *ugh*

    1. That's so funny because I have two friends that have written books and both of them are sitting waiting for me to read them. I feel terrible that I just can't find time to get around to it.
      It's a good feeling getting in touch with the okayness of love/hate and being chilled about it.

  2. I think we all have love/hate situations. It is just human nature to see the rough side of everything. I do it all the time. I too need to lose weight but have not checked out weight watchers. The business I am in has a program that I am seriously thinking about checking out and I want to find the zumba fame for the Wii. I love to dance LOVE it and I think if I am gonna work out I want to love what I am doing.

    1. I would love to know more about your program if you get around to checking out the weight loss program. I am not into dieting at all and am determined to find a way of life with a good relationship to food. So far Weight Watchers has made me realise that when I get into diet mode I don't eat nearly enough and I think my body has been storing food because it has no clue when I might be kind enough to feed myself again ... I do love living and learning 😉

  3. hahaha... next time we meet up... I'll show you how to do nails 😉 Takes ages to get the polish off when I'm done!

    No point in hating... it's a waste of energy and emotion. Work on the things you can change, accept the things you can't (the real issue is being able to tell the difference between the two).

    My recent post Dirty Diana

    1. Oh dear Robbie ... this little comment has been sitting in my spam box for ages! I'm so sorry my friend ... I don't know how my blog decided you were spam ... I mean you never speak nonsense or try sell me anything 😉

      I think you started chanting a version of the serenity prayer there 😉

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