Luvland, Sexpo and Lifeology - project me day 274

3 October 2010

There's no way that I can go to sleep tonight without blogging after the longest, most daunting and exciting four days of my personal and professional life.

If I had ever thought that 'project me' would have taken me on the ride it has over the past few days I think I wouldn't have dared start it in the first place. It's moments like this that makes me realise why we don't get a glimpse into our futures. We would run a mile if we saw what was ahead of us.

Luvland sponsored me as a speaker on behalf of my beloved company Lifeology and my very special product Organic Orgasm. One talk at a time I watched my life move one step closer to my purpose. It's amazing to know that you rock, that you are living your life purpose and that nothing can hold you back.

If ever I have had the opportunity to gave a glimmer at the reason why I have the right to teach what I do it's when I think about how my body, mind and spirit got through this week. I learned so much about me and I'm beyond proud of me. More than that, I'm beyond proud to be partners with Greg.
If I had watched Greg suffer in pain like I did, have to face daunting crowds like I did, push himself beyond anything I known to his human body, I don't know if I would have been able to carry him the way he carried me. Greggie ... you literally carried me at times but you never stopped remind me that we are in this together ... and we are in this together my friend.

To the Luvland, Funland and Lips inc teams ... you guys are just amazing and I cannot wait to have great adventures with all of you. You made me feel a part of the team and the amazing family that you are. That's why you are the success you are ... because you treat each other like family should!

As for project me ... I just stood in front of the mirror and put my face in my hands and said "Good Girl, you did it ... you really, really did it!!!" ... That's a moment I will never forget!!!

Now it's time to slow right down and let my body heal ... hmmm ... I did get to keep all the toys though ... tee hee!!!!

PS ... pics will be posted soon and an Organic Orgasm blog will be joining it ... I know I'm not really allowed to, but I'm dying to write that blog!!!!

9 comments on “Luvland, Sexpo and Lifeology - project me day 274”

  1. Partnership is all about sharing the load and offering when the other can't. I wouldn't change it for the world!

    (Thankfully I didn't have to step in to do the talks because I don't know that the "v-word" would have rolled off my tongue as easily, so to speak. LOL)

    1. Tee hee ... you did super well having just had to hear the 'V-word' so much and I must admit I was super impressed at how you handled the play-play one 😉

      You have been amazing beyond words my friend ... I am the most blessed partner! We rocked just because of the team we make!

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