M.R.I survived - project me day 262

21 September 2010

Never before have I experienced what I did today.

Had the MRI ... OMG! Thank God for my mother! Thank God for Greg!!!

Picture this ... lie still for who knows how long on a back that is spasming beyond my human comprehention of pain and then it happens ... my leg spasm and I'm not allowed to move. Greg was allowed in and he literally massaged the excrutiating cramp that made me think I was going to either vomit of faint! I could feel Greg sweating and shaking but he didn't let up for one second. Neither did my mom who was outside not knowing what was going on and neither did I.

I have never had a human experience so traumatic or life changing ... but i need to share that with Greggie and my mom first and then I will share with you.

Right now they are making me dinner and I have to be done eating by ?ten because its at the hospital at 6 am and in theater at 9!

Nikki I see ?you trying to say hi to me on facebook and I cant even do it my love .. sorry ... but thank you and I'm fighting on,

Robbie ... greggie andd I are sticking together like glue ... thank you for the concern.

sorry about the spelling .... but it's still project me and I made it!!

Mom and Greg .... no words!!

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